Justin And Jaylynne Have Been Best Friends Since They Were 4 . Of Course Justin Is Famous So He Has Tour Which Jaylynne Doesnt Want Him To Go . Shes Secretly In Love With Him And Hes In Love With Her . They Have No Idea . What'll Happen When They Both Find Out ? Read To Find Out(;


3. Chapter 2

Jaylynne's P.o.v

I Woke Up The Next Day In My Bed. I Sat Up And Looked Confused. I Thought To Myself "I Could Of Swore I Fell Asleep On Justin's Lap Last Night" I Rubbed My Eyes And Stretched And Got Outta Bed And Went To My Closet And Got My Favorite Pair Of Holister Skinny Jeans And My Abrocombie Sweatshirt And Went In My Bathroom And Turned On The Shower And Took All My Clothes Off And Got In The Shower , I Just Let The Water Flow Down My Hair , Down My Back And Just Relaxed And Then I Washed My Hair With My Coconut Shampoo And Conditioner And Washed My Body And Hopped Out , And Got Dressed And Put My Hair In A Messy Bun. Not Caring What It Looks Like. I Walked Out The Bathroom And Went Downstairs To Find Justin Sound Asleep On The Couch. I Said To Myself "Isnt He The Cutest , I Wish I Could Honestly Tell Him How I Feel For Him. But I Just Dont Know How He'll React" I Sighed " I Really Dont Want Him To Leave , Imma Miss Him So Much" I Went And Sat On The Chair And Turned On The T.v And Turned On Spongebob *Im Such A Kid* When I Looked Over At Justin , He Was Just Sitting There Staring At Me. I Laughed And Said "Can I Help You Juju" ? He Just Smiled And Said " Gosh My Bestfriend Is So Beautiful" Omb That Seriously Made Me Blush Like Crazy ! I Said "Oh Stop Juju" !! He Smirked And Ran Over To Me And Jumped On Me. I Giggled "Justin ! Get Off Me" !!!! He Said "Only If You Say You Love Me" ! I Said "Nope , Ewwie No Way, Are You Crazy "? He Laughed And Said "Oh Really You Wanna Go There Huh?" I Just Smiled And Said "Try Me Bieber" He Started Tickling Me. He Knows I Absolutely HATE Being Tickled ! I Screamed And Said "J-Justin S-Stop!!!!" He Said "Say You Love Me" I Said "No!" He Said "Alright Then" Then He Started Tickling Me More I Said "O-Okay I-I Lo-Love Y-You J-Juju !!!!!" Then He Stopped And Got Off Me And Said Mall Later ? Before I Leave ? I Said Uhmm Yeah.. And Sighed . Whats Wrong Jay ? Oh Nothing... Im Just Gonna Be So Lonely Without You Here..Thats All.. Aweeeee Is Someone Gonna Miss Their Juju ? He Hugged Me And Kissed My Cheek And Said Come On Lets Get Ready.































Okay So I Need Help With The Next Chapter ! Someone Help Me !!!(; What Should Happen At The Mall ? Comment !!!! And Is This Story Good So Far ???????(:

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