Justin And Jaylynne Have Been Best Friends Since They Were 4 . Of Course Justin Is Famous So He Has Tour Which Jaylynne Doesnt Want Him To Go . Shes Secretly In Love With Him And Hes In Love With Her . They Have No Idea . What'll Happen When They Both Find Out ? Read To Find Out(;


2. Chapter 1

Jaylynne's P.o.v.

"Justin No You Cant Leave Me And Go On Tour " I Had Tears Running Down My Face. "Jay Listen , I'll Be Back Right Before You Know It" He Held Me In His Arms Holding Me Tight. I Cried Into His Shirt , Causing It To Become Soaking Wet. I Could Care Less Anyway. Hours And Hours Went By And Tomorrow Justin Is Leaving To Go On Tour , So Im Trying To Spend As Much Time As Possible With Him As I Can. Im Not Gonna See Him For At Least 3 Years At The Most, Which Is Way To Long. So Since Hes Leaving Tomorrow Imma Have Him Stay The Night With Me. Okay I Know Me And Him Are Just Best Friends , But I Like Him A Lot More Then Just "Best Friends" But He Has No Idea !

Justin's P.o.v

Jaylynne Has Been Very Quiet For About 20 Minutes, Maybe I Should Go See Whats Up. She Was Sitting In The Chair Across The Room By Herself. I Sneaked Up Behind Her And Put My Hands Over Her Eyes And Kissed Her Check. "Hey Jay, Whats Up"? She Looked At Me And Sighed " Oh Nothing Just Thinking, Thats All" "What You Thinking Bout" "Just Stuff" "Oh Sounds Fun ! Wanna Watch A Movie" ? "Sure..." "Okay You Pick" ! "Erggg Juju Really" ? I Smiled . "Yes Jay Now Pick" ! He Smirked , She Walked Over To The Dresser That Had All The Movies And Picked Out The Notebook. She Ran Back Over To Juju And Showed Him The Movie. "Really Jay"? "What"? She Laughed "This Love Story"? "Yes ! Now Put It In" !!!! "Okay Miss Pissy Pants" ! Once I Put The Movie In I Went And Sat On The Couch And Yelled. "Jayyyyyy Comeeeeeee Sitttttt Byyyyyy Meeeeeeee, I Wannaaaaa Cuddleeeeeeeee" So She Came And Jumped On The Couch And Sat Next To Me. Then She Cuddled Up Close To me And By The Next Hour She Was Fast Asleep On My Lap. I Thought " Shes So Beautiful When She Sleeps" I Feel For Her More Then Just Best Friends ... Im Scared To Tell Her Though...





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