Half a Heart

Mia is a 18 year old girl who happens to hate one direction. Her best friend Ava loves them though. Ava and Mia enter a contest to live with one direction for a month. They know that the chances their names are pick out o thousands is very slim. But do they win? Mia falls in love with two boys who change her life forever. But the time comes for her to choose. Who will she choose?


4. Chapter 4

I open my eyes and see a bright light. At first, I thought I was dying but then I realized that the shades were pulled open. I look over and see Niall smiling at me. "Morning Mia. You know it's like 1 in the afternoon right?" I'm not really surprised. To me, this is early. 

"Well, Liam made lunch,'' Niall laughs. "Okay, I'll be down in a minute,'' I smile. Niall walks out of the room and closes the door behind him. 

I throw on a t shirt and skinny jeans. I put a little makeup on and then go downstairs.

I sit on the couch and realize it's quiet. Too quiet...

I turn on the TV. I'm just starting to relax when I hear a noise in the kitchen. I ignore it but a few seconds later, the power goes out. I walk over to the table in the center of the room and find what I'm looking for, a flashlight. I walk into the kitchen, I check inside all the cabinets and find nothing.  .

I hear another bang coming from the dining room. ''Hello?'' I ask. Nothing. I decide to just turn the power back on and then go to the call Ava. Then I have an idea. I figured it's probably the boys so I pull my phone out of my pocket and find Niall's contact. I call it and sure enough I hear his ringtone coming from the living room. 

I see Niall stand up and laugh. ''You should have seen your face!'' he laughs. ''Ha ha. Now help me turn the power back on,'' I say. 

Once the power comes back on, I go upstairs and as soon as Niall reaches the top step, I push him to the floor. "Thanks for giving me a heart attack!" I say sarcastically. Niall starts laughing and then reaches his arms towards me to help him up. I grab his hands and go to pull him up but he pulls me down.

It was one of those moments you always see in movies, you look in their eyes for a few seconds then lean in and kiss. 

''Umm wanna watch TV?'' I ask. He nods then helps me up. 

We put on Titanic and I end up falling asleep on Niall's shoulder in the middle of it. I wake up during the last few minutes. Niall just tells me that I sleep a lot then he gets up and comes back with a bowl of popcorn. "The movie is over,'' I say. He looks over at the TV then shrugs. He puts a new movie on and clicks play. Then I notice we are watching The Hunger Games. 

It was when they are in the arena that I realize that I'm playing games too. I like Harry, but I like Niall too. I get up and walk into the kitchen. I circle the table and Niall walks in. ''What's wrong?" he asks. I shake my head, "I can't like you." He looks at me like I have 3 heads. "Why?" he asks. But when his phone buzzes I catch a glimpse of the name, Harry. That's when he realizes. "Wait, what? You and Harry?" he asks. "Um no,'' I say. "I have to go,'' he says. I try to protest but he slams the front door and goes to his car. 

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