To The Stage (An AA/ Danny Worsnop Fanfic)

Sam will do anything for money, including selling herself. But it's not what she wants. But when drug and alcohol addict Danny Worsnop comes along, she might just have a way out. Is suffering through his breakdowns and drunken fits worth it? Will she even learn to love?


1. Show Time (not complete)

Samantha's POV


"Come on, Sam! 5 minutes till show time!" I rim my lips with one final coating of deep red lipstick and sigh to myself. Show time. I re-adjust my translucent, floaty tank top with a strapless, lacey black bra underneath, before flipping my long black hair backwards and ruffling it. "Move your ARSE SAM!" Lenny screams from the back.

I take a quick look at my reflection in the cracked mirror. The thick and heavy eyeliner that decorates my eyelids match the outrageous outfit and the leather hot pants add to it, too.
Show time. What am I doing with my life?

I walk out of the dressing room, and haul myself up onto the shabby little stage, then take my place at the slim pole towards the left at the front.

Remember, Sam, you're doing this for college. You need that money. The money dad throws away on Jack and coke.

Suddenly, the harsh white spotlight shines down on me, and all of the other desperate girls that care about money, not their reputation. The group of men at the bar turn towards us eagerly.

I take a deep breath, plaster an alluring gaze on my face and pout my lips to erase the pain from longing and desperation from my face.

Show time.

A thudding heavy metal song starts to blare from the speakers, and I claw my way up the pole, swinging my legs up, before sliding back down, head thrown back.

I hear the clinking of glasses and general chit-chat of the men that have come to drink in every detail of our feminine and petite frames. If only they knew.

I keep my eyes closed as my legs entwine around the pole that's cold against my slightly quivering legs. My heels clack against the floor of the stage and I pause a moment, and try to erase the thoughts from my head. Then, I grip the pole and strut around it before rolling my body slowly and swinging around the pole.

The coins and notes flick against my leg, and some are even tucked into my bra as I lean in to some of the men.
How can they not see the pain in my eyes? I don't want to do this. But I have to. Not for their enjoyment, but for my future.

"Lookin' good, hunny."
"I want me some of that, damn."
The comments bounce around my head, but I ignore them. I clack down the steps, and sprawl across the lap of a middle-aged balding man, wearing an expensive-looking suit. I slide my tongue against his neck, and he slaps my rear before tucking a few notes into my bra. I fall back onto the stage, and crawl across to my pole.

This is hell. I am a whore. What's more to it?

The doors burst open and a gust of wind whirls through the smokey and sweaty room. 5 young men walk in with a lot of confidence, eyeing us all up on the stage. Lenny goes over to personally greet them. They hug tightly and slap each others backs. Lenny gestures towards the stage, at his fine objects for sale.

A while ago, I would have been pitying those 'objects', but now I realise I can no longer do that.

Because I am one, and that's not going to change.

I shake my head, rub my forehead, and four of them walk away in their own direction, leaving one guy talking to Lenny.


Danny's POV

Another day at work in the studio, and I'm ready to hit the whorehouse. Man, I'm always ready to hit the whorehouse. I take a drag on my cigarette and drop it to the floor, take a swig from a bottle of Jack, and Cam, Sam, James, and of course, my other half, Ben the prick, boot the doors open and enter the club.

I glance around at the chicks and at the illuminated bar, which I'll definitely be hitting later.

My good man, Lenny, appears out of nowhere and bro-hugs the fuck out of me.

"Danny, my man!" I slap his back and laugh. "Lenny,"

Like kids in a candy shop, Sam, Cameron and James all jog towards the bar, nudging each other in the ribs and laughing to each other, whilst Ben swaggers towards the pool table, to challenge another unlucky twat, no doubt. I roll my eyes at him.

"So, Daniel. See anything ya like?" Lenny gestures towards the girls twirling and thrusting up on the battered stage.

Why not? I'm in the mood.

I see a girl towards the front, her charcoal hair cascades just past her shoulders and her not too slim, not too big body wraps itself round the pole. She looks out into the room, as if she's looking for something in particular. I know I am.

"Her." I point a finger to her.

"Ah, Sam. She's a new one, though. You sure you want her?" Lenny looks doubtful.

"I'm paying, am I not?" I chuckle slightly, and Lenny shuffles awkwardly.
"Third door on the right… I'll send her."

Aw yeah, I can do with this today. I whip off the shades from my face and tuck them into the pocket of my leather jacket. I stride down the dirty and seedy hallway, and into the room I was directed to, and sit down on the black silky sheets of the double bed. Unlike the rest of the club, the room is actually quite glamorous and well-decorated. And ready to get put to very good use, indeed.

The sound of a door closing tells me she's arrived. I look at her bare feet, followed by her only slightly chubby pale legs, her average stomach and torso, her fabulous boobs and finally, her face. Her striking eyes, her perfectly full lips, her straightened hair that flicks and sticks out everywhere, but she still manages to pull it off. Her attire consists of a see through top, and a bra that shows off her boobs excellently. Her nice bum is covered by tight leather hot pants, that'd probably look far better on the floor, in my opinion.

But what catches my eye is the look in her eyes. Hurt hidden under fake lust. They're watery, as if she's on the verge of tears. She dims the lights. I like where this is going.

"I'm Sam, and I'll be your bitch for the evening." She says this sarcastically, and I chuckle. This girl's taking a humorous approach.
I rise from the bed and walk over to her. She loosens up and rests her hand on my shoulder. I take hold of the hand place it on my chest. I then press up against her and drive her up the wall. Our tongues explore each other's mouths and whilst one of my hands is caressing her lower back, the other knots itself in her hair. She groans loudly, as my lips move towards her collarbone and plants kisses all the way along it till they rest on her neck. I tug on her neck with my teeth and roll my tongue over the same spot, and she grips my back and claws at it. I carry her over to the beg and climb on top of her, and she runs her hands down past my back and rests them on my belt. But it's not there. She seems really distracted, and it's putting me off. We've got a cock-blocker on our hands. I climb off her and sit on the bed. I look at her questioningly. "What's the deal?"

She breathes deeply and dabs at her eye delicately with her index finger.
"Listen, I think it would be a lot easier if we just got this over and done with."
"Hey, I'm not that bad." I joke. "I could do better," I laugh.

She doesn't seem to be in a joking mood.

"Do what you want to me, but as long as I leave here with at least 50p, that's all I could ask for."
Wow, well, that was deep. She sighs heavily and straightens up.
"Go for it." She places her hand on my belt, but I shift away. I want to know more.

"No. I want to know what this is all about."
"Like you actually care, you're just here to fuck me and leave without even finding out my name. No attachments, no emotion, right?"

"No, well… usually, yes. But not now. I want to know."
I search her face for any sign of reluctance, but she just looks done, destroyed, even.
A single tear rolls down her cheek and drips onto the palm of my hand.

I'm listening.


Samantha's POV

What am I doing? I can't just be about to spill out my story to some random guy that's paying for my body can I? Fuck it, who else do I have to turn to? The worst that could happen is that I get fired, and I doubt that will happen. Doubt meaning hope. I need this job. I need that money. Any penny counts. Then I can just get away, and leave all this shit behind. Telling him isn't going to hurt, and I need to get this off my chest, to anyone willing to listen.
"My dad is a drunk, a cocaine addict."
"We could get along, hah." He tries to lighten the mood, but it doesn't work.

"He just slaps me about and wastes every penny we get on alcohol and cocaine. He calls me worthless, which I guess I am, but…"
I look down at my lap.
"I'm here for one purpose. I just need the money for college. I need to get away from here. Anywhere but here…"

I trail off, and by now big fat tears are leaking out of my eyes and making my makeup run. I probably look as broken as I feel right now.
I look up, and surprisingly, the guy looks at me with sympathy.

"You're a beautiful girl, you just have the weight of the world on your shoulders."
I look at him, searching for any sign of him messing around, but he looks deadly serious.

"You're not worthless, if you've been accepted into this college, and you just need the money, then obviously you're good enough."
I hadn't thought of it like that. I turn away, too embarrassed at the realisation I had just spilled out the tale of my misery to a guy that I don't even know the name of.

He takes hold of my chin and turns me to face him again.
"Let's get you out of here, I'll take you for a drink."
I know I'm not supposed to leave work without asking Lenny, and I'm not supposed to leave a customer without any money, but for once, I just need a break. And this guy seems to be the type of person that knows how to loosen up.

"Wait… what is your name, exactly?"
"My name is Danny, Danny Worsnop. Nice to meet you, Sam."
"Oh, so you actually remembered my name?" I wink at him.
"Only because it's the same name as one of my best friends." He winks back, pulling off his jacket. He wraps it around my shoulders.
"It's chilly outside. Not that I don't LOVE that outfit…" He pauses and eyes me up again. "But I don't want you getting phuenomia."

I stand up and snuggle into the jacket. It smells of tobacco and peppermint, my favourite smell.

"Don't treat me like a little girl, Mr Worsnop." I brighten up now, glad to be out of here for a while.

"Fine, I'll treat you like my bitch." He slaps my bum and I laugh. He puts his arm around my shoulder, and leads me out of the room. I dread to think what Lenny is going to think, but right now, in this moment, I just want to forget about this place for a few hours, and Danny is offering to do that for me.


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