Old mates

Lizzy was that girl who was not that popular. And her old mate harry left her to go on the X-factor and she haven't her of him yet and it's been 2years and she still can't get over it. They were friends when they were 5 years old. But does her turn up does she fall for him and will someone get hurt


1. hard days

I woke up to my phone going off I know it's not harry he is like ignoring me. It's my dad



D-hey honey how are you?

L- not the fact that you left me and mum and how harry left me to and anyways why do you care I haven't heard I you in 1 year

D- I know I miss you

L- yea ok I'm not moving goodbye dad

And I didn't get any thing back. Thank god. See my dad left me and my mum for no reason one we came home from shopping and all his stuff was gone. I go down stairs "hey honey how are you?" My mom asked "no- look mom I should be askin you that" I Told her "I told you a lot of times in fine I'm over your dad" she said while putting her breakfast plate in the washer "yea speaking of dad he texted me for some reason but I didn't really text him back"I said walking out the door with my bag (I know I skipped the morning thing )

I got to school went to my first class and the teacher said we are having a student coming back and I know that person she didn't tell me who. I know for a fact it's not harry. When I was still in the first class my ex-boyfriend. Was being a d***. God I hate him so much.

The next day I'm all alone in the hall way all alone because what Noah (my ex-boyfriend) said to me that made me all upset. "Love what's wrong" a voice said I did bother to look up from my knees in my face "leave me alone" I said without looking who it was "are sure" the person asked "yea in fin- HARRY?!?!??!??!"I yelled he looked at me than I jumped on his back"yup that you alright " he said. When he didn't leave I always did that. An now I'm frowning "why didn't you call or texted me?" I said looking down "I thought you didn't care about me anymore" he said "I WOULD NEVER YOUR MY BESTFRIEND" I said smiling again "what class are you in" he asked "ummm the writing thingy" I said "me too I'm not that good at it but I enjoy it" he said "just one thing" he said I'm confused. Than he started tickling me "yup that's you and you haven't changed" he said laughing I just smirked at him.

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