I'll be alone


1. I'll be alone chapter 1

I dropped my grocery bag on the counter, then unwrapped my scarf from around my neck and took off my coat hanging them up. I turned and looked at the picture of Sierra and I. I missed her so much... to think we were going to get married and then one car crash and she is gone, and on Christmas.

I shook the memories out of my head and opened up the grocery bag. I took out a microwavable dinner and stuck it in. After three minutes I took it out and set it on the table sitting down. I ate slowly and then through it out, I turned on my music and listened to every song that passed but then it got to the song 'Say Something' by A Great big sea. It was our song, I started to cry and ripped the ear buds out throwing my iPod across the room. I wiped the tears away, and stood up walking over to the photo of me and her. I wish she was here, Christmas was her favorite time of year. She loved the smell of Christmas trees and making the ginger bread houses. She always went full out on it, if I could have one wish.... I would get to see her one more time. 

Suddenly the room began to spin, and a light flashed. I covered my eyes protecting them from the light. When I uncovered them Sierra was standing there in all white and she had... wings? 

"Sierra?" I asked

"Your Christmas wish has come true Aaron"

"How long will you stay for?" I asked her

"I will stay until the clock strikes 12, then I must go... but remember I love you" Sierra explained

"I love you too" I smiled. I get to see the love of my life again, this is great. The time seemed to fly by and when I looked at the clock it was 10 minutes to 12 O'clock.

"Sierra... Will you wait for me?" I asked her

"Yes Aaron, I will. But now I must go" She said sadly.

"Can I kiss you?" I asked her

"Yes" She replied. I moved to her slowly, I stood so close I could see the flecks of black in her blue eyes. slowly I leaned in and kissed her, slowly and passionately. I opened my eyes and she waved slowly she faded away and I was left alone in my apartment. This had been the best Christmas ever


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