A vampires mate (Harry Styles)

Emily gets bullied in school, and when Emily think things can't get worse, something Really bad happens. But someone will safe her, and that someone is not just any one. It's the new boy at school, Harry Styles. All the girls seems to droll over him. But what they don't know is that Harry is a vampire. He knew from the start that Emily was his mate, and he will do everything it takes, to make her his!


21. chapter 19



Emily's P.O.V

I woke this morning, and saw that Harry wasn't by my side. 'Weird' I thought. Harry's always next to me when i wake up!!

I walked down stairs, only to find Liam sitting on the couch. 


"Where is the other boys?", I asked all conserned.


"Zayn, Niall and Louis is out hunting, as fo Harry, i have no idea", Liam answered me.


"Weird!", I said, wondering were he could be.






Harry's P.O.V


I was out in the mall, to find something for Emily. I thought about buying a bracelet. But ended up buying a necklace.


It had a 'H' hanging down from the chain. I think it will look cute on her!


I started heading home, after a long time at the mall.






Cara P.O.V


I sat there watching her every move she made. She looked all happy. I swear i'm gonna make her life a living hell. After what she did, I will never forget it. She's gonna pay and it will be bad... Very bad!..


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