A vampires mate (Harry Styles)

Emily gets bullied in school, and when Emily think things can't get worse, something Really bad happens. But someone will safe her, and that someone is not just any one. It's the new boy at school, Harry Styles. All the girls seems to droll over him. But what they don't know is that Harry is a vampire. He knew from the start that Emily was his mate, and he will do everything it takes, to make her his!


20. chapter 18

Finally home from ski holiday!!!


I just got home and thought i would update a new chapter. It's just going to be a really short one :-D


I'll probobly update again in the morning. Hope you guys like it.


BTW R.I.P Tommo granny!!!!! God! can imagine how sad Louis is right now!!!! I've bin through the exact same thing!! Xxxx







Emily's P.O.V


OMG! I can't belive i agreed to do this! I could feel all the boys intense glare. You see Harry and Liam are the only ones with girlfriends here. I don't really feel a shamed of my body, because I've been doing a lot of working out, and then i haven't been eating so much, while i got bullied. They always told me i was fat, so i did something about it. Maybe in a little bit unhealthy way. But at least i look like the models in the magasin now. And i can thank the bullying for that. 


Not that my cofidence is good! My body is just the only thing, i don't feel ashamed of about myself.


I started with taking of one of Harry's hoodies i was wearing. Luckely i wore a T-shirt under that! I moved further on to my socks. And so on...



Niall's P.O.V



Emily was now only left in her T-shirt, bra and undergarments. Damn! That ass!!!! She pulled the T-shirt over her head, and quckly jumped in to the pool.


All the guys just sat there with their mouths hanging open. She's really hot!!


"And i get her all to myself", Harry said giving us all a glare.


"I wonder what she's like in bed, guess i will eventually find out", Harry said, nowing that it would tease us.


"You're very lucky Styles", Louis said.


"I know", He smirked.


Emilys finally came up from the pool, and walked over to us. I swear i could feel the thing in my pants, growing more and more. 


"Wanna join guys?", Emily asked. Not even noticing our drools.


"Sure thing", We all said at the same time.







AN: Team Niall or Team Harry????













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