A vampires mate (Harry Styles)

Emily gets bullied in school, and when Emily think things can't get worse, something Really bad happens. But someone will safe her, and that someone is not just any one. It's the new boy at school, Harry Styles. All the girls seems to droll over him. But what they don't know is that Harry is a vampire. He knew from the start that Emily was his mate, and he will do everything it takes, to make her his!


13. chapter 12

Emily's P.O.V


"Well, well, well, what do we have here", someone behind me said.


"Jessica!", Harry hissed.


Who's Jessica? I think i've heard that name somewhere before, but i don't know were. I turned around and looked at her. I must admit, she's very beautiful! 


"Hello Harry! Nice to finally meet your girlfriend face to face!", She Laughed.


"Jessica, i swear that if you dont get out of here right now i'll kill you!", Harry said.


Wow! I've never seen Harry like this. He's always so sweet and so kind! So this Jessica girl must really have done something bad, if such a sweet boy as Harry, want to kill her.


"I don't think so!", Jessica yelled.


And by that she came running over to me, and grabbed me by the neck.


"Enjoy the little show Harry!", Jessica hissed


And with that i felt a pair of fangs sliding in to the crook of my neck. I could feel myself get dissy, by the big amount of blodloss. But just before i passed out i managed to say something to Harry.


"Harry... HELP.....".


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