A vampires mate (Harry Styles)

Emily gets bullied in school, and when Emily think things can't get worse, something Really bad happens. But someone will safe her, and that someone is not just any one. It's the new boy at school, Harry Styles. All the girls seems to droll over him. But what they don't know is that Harry is a vampire. He knew from the start that Emily was his mate, and he will do everything it takes, to make her his!


12. chapter 11

Emily's P.O.V


"EEeeeeh", Harry said.


"What happened Harry?!"


"I can't tell you.. Not yet", Harry said.


"Why it's not like you killing people", I said with sarcasm in my voice.


Harry gave me a sad look. How bad can it be come on. I looked deep in to his eyes, I wanted to let him now that he can trust me! But the n suddenly his eyes turned in to a dark shade of red. *GOSH*


He can't be human.


"Harry what are you?", I said with kindness in my voice.


"If i tell you, you'll leave me, and be afraid of me forever", Harry said looking really sad!


"No mather what you are or what you have done, I will always love you. Harry, you're my one and only! I need you in my life, so no mather what you have done you will still be the same Harry to me!", I said.


"I'm a vampire.."


Fangs started showing and his eyes became red. The funny part is, i didn't feel scared! I actually thought it was kin of sexy.


"Are you scared of me?", Harry wispered.


" No!", I said looking directly in to his eyes.


With that Harry clasped his lips on to mine. "Jump", he wispered against my lips, and i did as told. suddenly i felt my back lay against something soft. The sofa. Just as we was all into it i heard a laugh.


" Well, well, well look what we have here", The person laughed.



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