Change Happens


3. My Forest

All forests look similar, don't they? Green leafy branches sagging downwards, moss littering the floor and wild flowers of all colours and varieties scattered by tree roots and grass mounds. The sun shining through gaps in the leaves and making the forest floor dappled and shimmery. It's a gorgeous site to see though, extremely scenic and relaxing.

I'm currently sitting at the foot of a huge leafy oak. The grass beneath it is soft and downy, perfect to sit on. Perfect for reflecting and imagining!

I often come to Maidenwood Forest when I cannot cope with life successfully or I just need some time to myself, to escape the world. I write my diary, read books and even do homework here sometimes. It’s my special spot; I hate anyone else sitting here. There are so many personal connections to this place for me. I've become very protective of this tree in Maidenwood Forest.

Mum doesn't know about my coming here regularly. I think its best as otherwise she'll begin to intrude and this place is to escape from others and their awkward questions. She'll make me come home anyway, or make me answer her questions as to why I am here and why I can't stay home and spend time with her. Lori and Talia don't know either. They're my sisters. Lori is twenty, her given name is Havana Laurence Jackson which she dislikes, hence she gets called Lori! Talia is twelve and her full proper name is Nataliiya Amelior Jackson. She is a child genius but very lovable and I like to think that she has a soft spot for me.

Helena and Victoria are the only people who I've told about my spot in Maidenwood Forest. I guess I trust them. Strange but true that the only people I trust are friends and that there are only two of them but when your family is like mine ... well!

Helena is in my form; she looks out for me and helps me out whenever I need it. She's in the year above me but my Mum is really good friends with her mum so we grew up together and have been like sisters. She's really funny and we've had so many adventures together it's hard to count.

Victoria has been my best friend since primary school when we bonded on the very first day. We tell each other everything. No secrets, except for one. This. My book. The story entwined with dreams and reality. The story to help me understand the way I really feel, to express myself in my own special way with freedom and to cope with my life. I suppose I'll leave it up to you to decide which is which. The dreams, the make-believe and the reality. Sometimes I'm not sure either.

This is my story. The story that, unfortunately in some ways, change does happen.



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