The Angel and The Hunger Games

What happens when a beautiful little angel has a misfortune and ends up in The Hunger Games? Whats up with this angel... up in The Hunger Games? She has always dreamed of being in the games. Come on Taylor's journey of The Hunger Games..


2. The Capitol

          After Peeta had gotten on the stage with Katniss, Effie had announced that the two tributes where the people going to be in the 74th annual Hunger Games. Peeta looked at Katniss and she looked back. Clueless on the stage, the both stared into the audience for awhile until the had to go back into a room. Policeman had escorted Katniss and Peeta to an individually room so that their parents could visit before they sadly had to leave and participate in the games. 

          After they had reunited with their families, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark were going to be on their way to The Capitol. I could tell Katniss didn't know what to do, she just agreed and went with everyone else. I've always wanted to be a human and just.. just be in The   Hunger Games.. I mean its kind of bizarre but I like taking risks. Oh.. Sorry, lets get back to them. So right about now, they are all getting in this train and heading to whats called The Capitol. Where they would be able to train and become SUPER good! Katniss and Peeta are going to meet their mentor, Haymitch. Haymitch is going to be there so he can give them tips and tricks so they could become popular and good.

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