The Angel and The Hunger Games

What happens when a beautiful little angel has a misfortune and ends up in The Hunger Games? Whats up with this angel... up in The Hunger Games? She has always dreamed of being in the games. Come on Taylor's journey of The Hunger Games..


3. The Blackout

          As they were riding, Katniss and Peeta had introduced themselves to Haymitch. Effie on the other hand was doing her make-up. Katniss looked very stressed and Peeta was going with the flow. After the day the all had settled down and went to bed... The next day they were all awake. Katniss came to the table  where Peeta was talking to their Mentor. "Zoom" went a sound, they were going through a tunnel. Peeta turned and looked out the window but all he could see was flashes.. flashes of white. They must have been going 200 mph, Peeta had a grin on his face. As they were exiting the tunnel, this magnificent place was in their sights. It was breathtaking.. water was surrounding the place. It was The Capitol... where they would be training! 

          Something happened? All could see was pitch dark black, I was beginning to become scared. I didn't know what the heck was going on.. All I knew was that, I could see tributes from district twelve arriving to The Capitol. I could not scream, all I could hear was banging, repeatedly banging! I just felt as I was floating, I felt lifeless. Like I was apart of the atmosphere, the air everyone breathed. Then suddenly I could see a tiny spec of light. I could feel myself go to it, I was very anxious, anxious about the thing I am about to get myself into. 

          As my eyes opened, I was standing in a forest. Questions running through my mind, where am I? How in the sam heck did I get here? When my eyes fully adjusted to the brightness of the sun I noticed I was lying down on the hard ground. I picked myself up and wondered around, I wanted an explanation for what was all happening. I kept walking and walking until I heard a whistling sound. When my head had turned around, I could see a arrow coming my way. I panicked and stuck my hand in front myself.. like an idiot. But as it had raced towards my pale face someone had pushed me out of the away. This unknown person laying on top of me looked into my eyes and it was a handsome boy with blue eyes... 

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