A love story between to worlds demonic and angel. each falling for the other read to find out more...


1. Love can begin

Once there were two opposite areas, and angel populated world and a demon populated world. The angel area had a gorgeous, polite, and tall female. She became uninterested with her usual routine so she decided to visit the forbidden lands. The reason the forbidden lands are called that is because of the demon and angel war that has the two worlds in a catastrophic fight. So the female from the angel area visits the near costume shop near the gate so she isn't caught and murdered. The nearest costume place was Pierce's House of Illusions. As she enters the kid at the desk says "we aren't open" and she hides. The kid asks why she hide and then he saw that she was an angel. As the kid takes her to the front he introduces himself as Pierce Knight but everyone calls him Pierce and that he was an outcast to many, but the angel in front of him never said another word worried that she might say the wrong thing to him and be hurt. When Pierce asked her what her name was she said that her name was Maria just Maria, so Pierce gave her a demon last name as a cover her full name in there was Maria Slithers. As they were talking gave her an outfit for her to use. She was very polite with the whole situation, so was Pierce. Maria was about to change in front of Pierce till Pierce stopped her and told her that she could go in the back room she thanked him but didn’t understand why she had to go in the back room. When she got back she look more like a demon than anything else and the best part she could make Pierce smile because she didn’t zip the jacket all the way up so her cleavage was falling out of the jacket so Pierce fixed the jacket for her so she didn’t get mistaken for someone else, After he did that she kissed him to thank him for helping. Pierce was in shock because he likes this girl since she walked in, and so did she. He questioned that all day not sure about her or why she did that but thought nothing of it when Pierce went back to work on the shop to get it running soon. All he could think about was Maria and the way she looked in that outfit. Then Pierce realized something, that she still had angel wings so he had to chase her down to change the wings out or at least dye them till she left the demon world. Pierce finally catches Maria and explains what he forgot to do she was fine with coming back. Pierce on the other and was shaking worse than a leaf in a wind storm. Maria said to just “dye the wings” as he started to dye the wings she started conversation to pass the time they sat till the wings were a dark black. Pierce joked and said “want a little red in the wings” Maria said “Sure slaughter look please”. Pierce was surprised that Maria said slaughter style he thought she was a “goodie two shoes”. The longer they sat in the shop the more they found in common with each other. Like Maria was raised with boys so she had no problem playing dirty or rough, and the share interests like music and writing. She had wanted a family with a huge amount of land which was Pierce’s dream too. Maria had to leave because she heard troops on their way over so she had to get back as soon as she could move. Pierce wished her good bye as she ran to get back home. Every so often after then Maria would stop in the shop to talk to Pierce and see how his shop and life was doing even though she know that he wanted her, but played with the subject and leave a flower to see if he caught on with what she was getting at. So every time she visited him until one day she got a different kind of flower at her door. So she decided to take it to Pierce because it said in one of the petals said I <3 you and thought it was him but was an angel that lived near her. As she went to Pierce's shop to talk to him he was gone so she was worried for him. So she check his house wasn't there then she check the bad end of the town to find him almost dead. She was so worried she wondered why he was there, but wasn’t worried so much as she healed him. She realized that dark demons were swarming her like bees to honey. She was helpless, all she could do was hold a shield for her to finish healing, or so she thought but only lasted half way through so she either hoped he woke up soon or they were dead. At the last second he hopes up and kills the last demon that hit the shield as she passed out. When she had awakened she saw him with a few cuts and bruises, she also realized she was in a worse state than he was. She was cut everywhere and bruised the same. As Pierce bandaged her up Maria asked “Why were you there” Pierce replied “because someone said you were in trouble” Maria looked shocked and questioned who knew her at all but couldn’t think of anyone. Pierce said it was a dark angel that told him about the attack on her. The only dark angel she knew was her old enemy Nina. That’s when Maria shot out of her seat faster than a rocket blasting off her father hired Nina to spy on her to see what she was doing. Pierce was frustrated but not at anyone but at himself for believing her. Maria comforted Pierce and kissed his cheek to cheer him up. Pierce turns around and does the same back. Pierce asks “would you be there for me always” Maria replies with nodding yes. Right after that he kisses Maria on the lips and says “I was waiting for that”. Maria felt the same emotions about Pierce. Pierce was amazed by her and the way she was meant to be with him, he thinks something might get in their way but though thoughts weren’t on his mind at the moment. All he thought of was Maria; her beauty, thoughts, grace all of it was on his mind. Maria was in the same state of mind just a little frustrated but that was hidden by the happiness they had towards one another. The only thing that could bring them apart was family and Death one of the two would happen before they would split. Maria went to her house smiling like the world couldn’t be better right now. Right when her key hit the lock she heard two people in her house and she looked through the window on the top of the door, she saw her dad’s henchmen destroying her house for evidence of demon letters or items. When she saw that she ran to Pierce in hopes he could house her till things roll over in her house. As soon as she got there she saw Pierce looking through homes for sale. Maria goes up to pierce and asks him about the house hunt that he was doing he was trying to find a house for the both of them but the cats out of the bag on his plan. Maria was so sorry but explained to Pierce that she was ran out of her house because that had gotten word of his letters and gifts to her. He was shocked about the news and saw a cheap four bedroom house with hideaway garage to hide her if need be for a short period of time. Maria thought that would be an alright house a very interestingly designed house. Pierce was ready to make a nice house into their house. Maria was willing to work with pierce to make the house nice and colorful in her kind of way yet not bring attention to the house.

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