From the Sky

This is a story based on a picture. The picture on the cover of the book. It is for the third advent competition 2013.
The story is about a mysterious girl falling from the sky and no body really knowing who or what she is.
Read and find out!!!


2. The Strange Girl

I put my feet in the landing position I had been taught and braced myself for the slight jolt I would feel on impact with the ground. I was ready to land and face the earth. Thump! I collapsed into a heap in a green but soft and smooth area. What is it called? I tried to bring the name from my memory but it wouldn’t come, I had been taught so much in the past few weeks. Raising my head, I peered around at what surrounded me.

* * * *

Remi and Daisy approached the strange creature sitting in the middle of the field. It certainly looked quite extraordinary. It had long chestnut brown hair which shone in the winter sunlight; piercing dark green eyes which sparkled; a white dress which didn’t look to have any shape although the creature looked stunning in it from where she was crouched upon the ground and a pair of angel wings. The angel wings were feathery and looked as though they were as soft as silk. The peculiar appearance made Remi and Daisy even more confused at what had happened. All their thoughts of meeting Becca had disappeared.

“What can it be?” Daisy whispered to Remi.

“I don’t know. Let’s go and see if it can speak English.”

The two girls went up to the creature and looked at her stunning features before beginning to speak.

“Excuse me, are you okay?” Remi ventured, unsure of where to begin the conversation.

* * * *

Two girls came up to me and began asking questions. At first I couldn’t make out what they were saying. It sounded foreign and garbled to my ears but I soon figured that it must be English. I knew some English.

“I… I have only just come down but yes, I am okay, not hurt.”

The girls looked at me; they seemed shocked that I wasn’t hurt. Maybe they didn’t understand.

“What’s your name?” asked the taller of the two.

“Vikki. What are yours?” I asked.

“I’m Remi,” said the taller of the two girls, “and this is Daisy.”

“Hi!” I smiled at them, “Where is this? Can you show me around?”

They glanced at each other before turning to me.

“Sure, that would be great! This is England, we’re in Cambridge.”

* * * *

The girl, Vikki, got up and followed Remi and Daisy from the field. They chatted together, discussing music and books. It didn’t seem like Vikki knew much about books or music but when they started talking about religion she was like a ship in full sail. Remi guessed that her wings must represent her angelic nature. Maybe Vikki was an angel!

The three girls had a long discussion and had reached the nearest town when Daisy stopped suddenly. Her phone was ringing urgently and a perplexed look flashed across her face.

“Remi, we were meant to be at the airport,” Daisy whispered, “We were meant to be meeting Becca.”

Remi realised what was going on and, after seeing a blue bus approaching, ran to get it to stop. Remi knew that she and Daisy had to get to Becca as soon as possible judging by the conversation she could overhear between Daisy and Becca now.

“Daisy, come and get on this bus!” Remi shouted as the bus driver pulled up at the bus stop.

“Coming!” Daisy shouted, returning to her phone call.

They had left Vikki standing by a shop window but when Remi turned back to ask her if she wanted to come to the airport with them she was nowhere in sight. Where could she have gone? wondered Remi but all too soon the bus was pulling off and there was no chance to get out and search for Vikki.

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