From the Sky

This is a story based on a picture. The picture on the cover of the book. It is for the third advent competition 2013.
The story is about a mysterious girl falling from the sky and no body really knowing who or what she is.
Read and find out!!!


3. Did she really disappear?

When Daisy picked up her phone and answered her sister Remi wandered ahead to hail the bus. I decided not to stay; I didn’t think there was much point being there when I knew what was about to happen. Clearly I had found the right people; the people I had been sent to look for.  Suddenly I had an idea, some may say a brilliant idea but to me, it was probably stupid. I took a scrap of paper from my pocket and spoke to it as quietly as I could:

“Share with them this gift,

Telling of how good

Life can be

Where I live.


Double size

Or triple size

So the full extent

To them can be explained.”

Then I slipped the piece of paper into the pocket of Daisy’s jacket. With one last look at the two girls who had helped me and made me feel welcome in this strange land I turned and lifted my feet from the ground. A deep breath and I was hovering over the nearby trees. Time to go, I thought, before they realise what has happened and who I am.

* * * *

Daisy took off her jacket, the bus was too hot, way too hot. Something in her pocket crackled but Daisy did not hear it. She could only think of what Becca had said. ‘You don’t know me, Daisy. Not really. If you listen and look carefully maybe you’ll see.’ Why did she have to be so cryptic?

“Daisy, what’s that?” Remi asked, holding up a few sheets of paper which were hanging out of Daisy’s jacket pocket.

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen them before. Let me see.”

Remi passed the sheets over and Daisy began to read.

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