Lost child

Caitlin-darcy styles or darcy is sick of telling people that shes not realated to harry styles but is that completely true??


2. introducing nardia chloe and freya

harry p.o.v

"hey! get off her perv!" i hear someone yell

"whoa its fine i'm her dad!" i explain "who are you?"

"i'm her  best friend" she sasses pointing to Darcy "and so are these" pointing to two other girls one with blonde hair and another with brownish blond.

"oh hey girls, this is m-my d-d-dad " Darcy says

"wait aren't you harry styles from one direction?!" Blondie asked

"yep" i popped the p

"dad this is Chloe" she says pointing to Blondie "this is Narnia" pointing to brownish blonde "and this is Freya" pointing to sassy!

"hi girls and no not an autograph or picture yet!"

"fine" they all say



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