Lost child

Caitlin-darcy styles or darcy is sick of telling people that shes not realated to harry styles but is that completely true??


6. hannah bananna


i went downstairs said bye to my dad and the boys and made my way to the park.when i got there i found Hannah and sat next to her "hey girl!" "yo!" she answered "so whats your big news?"

"well i found my dad and he's......"   "what ?" "harry freaking styles!" i screamed

"omg guuurrrlll let me meet them!" han bannan exclaimed

"leggo!" we walked to the hotel.

AN ano its super short!! oh bye the way i changed it a bit 1D is a old band now so she didnt have a crush on  niall but she was still a directioner oh and harrys 27 now 


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