The Lost and Found (5SOS)

Charlie has never had a boyfriend and now she's twenty years old. She works at a nightclub and one night, luck shines her way in the most unexpected way. That night a grand adventure begins... Charlie just doesn't know it yet.


5. Chapter Five

The rest of the night went by smoothly and soon enough the clock stroke 5.30 and the DJ played the last song; "Man In The Mirror" by Michael Jackson.

Me and Ryan went through the usual procedure of giving the last people their coats and dealing with the costumers who had lost their number.

I was standing engulfed in my own tiredness when I noticed Ashton coming through with his number in hand.

I quickly snatched it out of his hand and smiled at him as he first looked panicked but then saw that it was just me. I quickly grabbed his jacket and handed it to him.

"See you around, Charlie." He said with a smirk and left with his three other friends.

"Bye! Get home safe!" I yelled at them as they were leaving my sight. I had made a habit of saying this to all costumers; I thought it was only polite.

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