Fallen angels

This is my entry for the third advent treat. It's a story about a young angel who falls in love with a human that she can never have


2. A spark

"You never told me your name," I realized and questioned him. 

"Oh yeah, I guess I forgot. It's Toby." Toby. It was a beautiful name. I smiled. My face ached as I did it. I don't think I had ever smiled before...Beat. 

“Get down!” Toby grabbed me and forced me to duck. We had wondered into a park.

“What are you doing?” I shouted, he had grabbed me hard. Gunfire. Oh. My breathing quickened, escaping in small gasps. My heart was nearly bursting out of my chest, willing me to run, but I couldn't. My limbs had frozen, I couldn't see, couldn't breath. A soft hand cradled my face, stroking my chin.

“Come on Rose,” Toby's voice soothed, soft over the chaos and gunfire. “We need to leave.” He took my hand, pulling me up. Beat. Everything seemed to unfold in slow motion. Toby tugging my hand, willing me to run, him shepherding the people out, shielding them from the mad man. I met his eyes. Beat. He smiled sadly. Gunfire vibrated through my skull, I waited for the pain, but it never came. Toby's hand slipped through mine, I hung on tighter until I saw a red stain blooming. Then I screamed.

I was useless. The scene unraveled before me shrouded in smoke, dust and debris. People were screaming but I didn't understand what they meant, it was like the radio had been turned down in my head. The fear and sweat was overwhelming. The worst thing was the silence among the noise. Toby's silence. 


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