Stay Stay Stay

Taylor-Rose is a 14 year-old girl that just won the X Factor a scored a recording contract. During one of her concerts, she gets a call from a certain boy band, and that call changes her life, for the better, and the worse...


1. The Call

Taylor's POV

"God bless y'all, I love y'all, thank y'all, goodnight!" I say through the microphone as I walk offstage to my best friend Kelly.

"You did fantabulous!" She exclaims and I laugh.

"Thank you, anymore calls?" I ask.

"Yes and I think we should call one back," she says dragging me to my dressing room.

"Okay, hold your horses," I laugh once we enter my dressing room.

"It's from one direction!!" She squeals. My mouth drops open as she dials a number.

"Hello, this is Harry," Kelly shoves the phone at me and I take it off speaker then putting it up to my ear.

"Um, hi, this is Taylor-Rose," I say confident.

"Oh my god," he says then yells, "boys! Get your arses down here! She called back!" I hear the pounding of feet in the background.

"Ooh! What did she says?!" A voice that I assume is Louis asks.

"Say about what?" I ask and then they start squealing like teenage girls about how cute my accent is.

"Well," I hear Liam say, "we're going on tour and need an opener."

Louis butts in, "so we were wondering if you wanted to be our opening act?"

"And you could move in with us before the tour to get used to living with us!" Niall finishes.

"I'd love too!!" I exclaim and they cheer, "when do I move in with y'all?"

"As soon as possible!!!" Louis yells causing me to giggle.

"Alright, I can come in a week if y'all are alright with that," I say.

"Of course," Zayn says, "we will have your room ready!"

"Alright, thank y'all, god bless y'all, bye!" I exclaim.

"Bye!" They all yell and the line goes dead. I look at Kelly and smile.

"Looks like I'm moving in with one direction!" I exclaim and she starts squealing.

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