Stay Stay Stay

Taylor-Rose is a 14 year-old girl that just won the X Factor a scored a recording contract. During one of her concerts, she gets a call from a certain boy band, and that call changes her life, for the better, and the worse...


2. Meeting the boys and the Boyfriend

*at the airport in London*

"Louis! Where are you?!" I yell into the phone.

"I'm sorry! Zayn wouldn't get out of bed!" He yells in defence. I sigh, they were supposed to pick me up two hours ago, "we're here! Come to the parking lot."

"Small problem, I'm lost," I say and I hear him chuckle, "it's not funny!"

"Ok, ok sorry Taybear," he says in a sincere voice.

"It's fine Louboo," I say. So far I've gotten closest to Louis. We've skyped all week long. I feel two arms wrap around my and pick me up, spinning me around. I look behind me to see Louis. "Put me down!" He sets me down and we hug properly.

"It's amazing to finally meet you in person!" He exclaims.

"Same here!" I laugh.

"Well come on! The boys are dying to meet you," we go to the limo they rented and I get tackled into the floorboard by the rest of them.

"Claustrophobic," I say but nobody hears me. I start taking shaky and shallow breaths.

"Guys!" Louis yells, "she's extremely claustrophobic!" I feel the space open up around me and me be lifted up. "Are you okay?"

I look around to see the four boys who tackled me with guilty looks on their faces.

"I'm fine, you boys didn't know, you were just trying to be nice and welcoming," I say, "you boys are really sweet."

"We're really sorry," Niall says with a guilty look still on his face. I walk over to him and sit next to him.

"Y'know Niall," I say, "I've always wanted one of those famous Horan hugs." I open up my arms as he looks at me. He smiles brightly and hugs me. Everybody laughs as we let go. That's when my phone starts playing my ringtone, my boyfriend singing What Makes You Beautiful. The boys start laughing as my cheeks turn a bright shade of pink.

"Who's that?" Louis asks while still laughing.

"It's Wyatt," I say as I answer, "hey Wyatt."

"Hey babe, what's with the laughing in the background?" He asks chuckling.

"Just the boys that I'm going on tour with," I laugh as I glance at them attempting to make a human pyramid in a moving limo.

"Hi Taylor!" I hear Jeremy, mine and Wyatt's best friend, yell.

"Hey Jeremy," I laugh. Me, Jeremy, and Wyatt, mostly me and Wyatt, talk for the whole limo ride while the boys try to make the human pyramid. I laugh really hard when the limo stops and the boys topple over.

"Well, I gotta go, I love you, bye Wyatt, bye Jeremy," I say.

"Bye babe," Wyatt says.

"Bye TayTay!" Jeremy yells then I hang up, laughing.

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