Stay Stay Stay

Taylor-Rose is a 14 year-old girl that just won the X Factor a scored a recording contract. During one of her concerts, she gets a call from a certain boy band, and that call changes her life, for the better, and the worse...


3. Breakups

*a few shows into the tour on the tour bus*

I'm sitting on the tour bus watching the guys interview when the interviewer mentions my name.

"So, tell me about your opening act, Taylor-Rose," the interview girl says.

"She is the sweetest girl anyone could ever meet!" Niall exclaims.

"It's true," Liam says, "she doesn't have a mean bone in her body."

"She loves everybody she meets too," Louis says.

"Yeah, a person like her is really rare to find these days, so we're lucky to have someone this nice," Harry says smiling.

"We love you Taylor!" Zayn says to the camera and everybody laughs. That's when my phone buzzes, it's from Kelly, a picture of Wyatt, kissing my mortal enemy, Chelby Castillo.

I scream and throw my iPhone at the wall, causing it to shatter. I grab the vase and throw it at the wall. I go over and punch the wall until my knuckles bleed. I collapse into the pile of glass and start sobbing my eyes out. My boyfriend for two years cheated on me. I can't believe this, he broke my heart. Blood is dripping from my hands while tears are streaming off my face. I grab a piece of glass and start squeezing it in my hands. More bloods starts dripping as I hear the door open. I hear gasps and feet pounding towards me.

"Taylor!" Louis yells grabbing the glass from my hand and throw it across the room, "what are you doing?"

"W-Wyatt, he cheated on me," I sob into his chest.

"Who's Wyatt?" I hear Harry whisper.

"He's m-my boyfriend," I say looking up. That's when Liam comes over and wraps my hands up with cloth and gauze.

"You gonna be ok?" Niall asks.

"I think so, but I need a new phone," I smile weakly, getting laughs from the boys.

"But are you going to be able to perform tonight?" Liam asks worriedly.

"I don't know, my hands really hurt, maybe I could perform a couple slow songs," I suggest shrugging my shoulders. We're in my hometown, Houston, so I don't want to let my fans down.

"Me and the boys could help you," Zayn says. I nod and we get up to go get ready for the concert. Once we get there I put on POW! leggings, a pink tank top, and a black leather jacket with neon patches and pink studs. I put my blonde hair in a messy bun and walk to the boys dressing room where the meet and greet before the concert will take place.

"Hey TayTay," I hear a familiar voice say. I look up to see...

"Jeremy!" I squeal jumping into his open arms.

"I'm really sorry about Wyatt," he whispers.

"I'm fine," I say pulling back.

"What happened to your hands?" He asks and I look at me feet.

"When Kelly sent me the pic I got really mad," I say quietly then he kisses my forehead.

He wraps his arms around me and says, "do you want some help for the concert?"

"I'll be fine," I say smiling up at Jeremy.


Hey guys!! Sorry I haven't updated in so long. I've been REALLY busy with soccer and basketball.

So I've been asked a question from its_just_life. And to answer her question, yes, I am southern. I live about 40 miles out of Houston, Texas.

So just let me know what you think!! I'm probably going to update tomorrow after church, or at least once this week.

And I'm going to publish a new movella!!!

It's called...

Little London Girl

I will probably publish it later tonight so make sure to read it!!!!!!

Bye loves!!!

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