Stay Stay Stay

Taylor-Rose is a 14 year-old girl that just won the X Factor a scored a recording contract. During one of her concerts, she gets a call from a certain boy band, and that call changes her life, for the better, and the worse...


4. Accidents Happen

*2 weeks later*

I'm in the middle of a song when I hear someone scream, "GUN!!!" That's when I hear a gunshot and get knocked back, feeling a sharp pain in my stomach. My head slams against the stage and everything goes black.

Jeremy's POV

I'm in New York watching Taylor perform. I've been to several of their shows since their show in Houston. That's when I hear a gunshot and see Taylor fall to the ground.

"Taylor!!" I yell running onstage. I pick her up and race her backstage then set her on the ground, "Taylor, Taylor." I say shaking her, tears pouring from my eyes.

"Sir we need you to move," he says urgently pushing me back.

"No!!" I scream trying to get back to Taylor. I feel people grab my arms and pull me back. Then I'm thrown over a shoulder and brought to a dressing room. I collapse onto the couch crying. I feel a hand on my back and look up to Louis.

"She's gonna be ok Jeremy, she's a strong girl," he says patting me on the back.

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