What I Didn't Know

Morgan has an unexpected encounter with a boy she never expected to have anything to do with.


2. Chapter 2

After a long 15 minutes in Trey's office, he let me know that I would be contacted if the position was mine, which of course excited me. I was afraid to walk out of the office.. The experience I had walking in not being a good one.

"Well.. Thanks for coming in miss Smith. I can assure you, you're a very good candidate for this internship." Trey's words snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Thank you Trey." The smile on my face was one that I haven't felt in a while. I was excited for this.

Trey walked me to the door. I watched as his hand grabbed the door knob, my hands getting sweaty again. I could see the leather jacket laying on the floor, telling me the boy was still waiting for his brother outside the door.

"Have a good rest of your day." Trey said as I walked out the door. I ignored the boy, acting as if he wasn't even there.

I felt his eyes on me, burning through my skin. I couldn't help but look over at him as he stood to his feet. His height a big advantage on mine.

"Liam, in my office. Now." Trey's tone was more aggressive towards his brother.

Trey walked back into his office to wait for the gorgeous boy standing before me, leaving us alone out in the hallway.

His hands found my hips, pushing me up against the wall. My shaky hands automatically went to the hard surface behind me, trying to give more support to my small body.

"You know, you are very pretty." He made sure to emphasize each word.

I stared up at his scruffy face, he was hot. His eyes burned into mine, making my knees shake slightly.

"C-can you please let me go." I stuttered.

"Why baby? You don't like us being close?" My words only provoked him. His hands slid down my body, fingers pressing hard into my skin. His face came down to mine.

"Please." I had no control. There was nothing I could do.

"Liam!" Trey's frantic voice was so good to hear at a time like this.

"I'm coming." Liam's voice was relaxed, calm, like nothing was happening. "I'll see you later baby." He said before bringing his eye lid down into a wink and releasing my body from his hold.

The next thing I knew, I was standing out in the hall all by myself. I quickly walked down the hallway, almost running, I couldn't wait to be in the safety of my car.

I rushed out of the lobby not even waiting for the door to be opened by the door man. I had never been touched in that way. I had never even had a boyfriend before. My parents were always overly protective of their only child.

I pulled out my phone. All I needed was my best friend. I needed her to tell me what to do. He said he would "see me later" which scared me. I certainly did not want to have another experience like that.

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