The Glimmer Games

This is the story of the hunger games, told from Glimmer's point of view. The tribute from District 1 will be the main character in this story. You have read the games from Katniss point of view, but what if you found out how Glimmer felt. Stay tuned to read this story. Some points are from my own point of view, so please don't comment saying that I have got wrong. Thank you :)


4. The Capitol

Although the capitol is a hugely different from District 1, I remain unmoved by its astounding appearance. 

"You haven't said much you know." Ingrid says as we prepare to leave the train 

"Saving my energy." I reply. 

"It doesn't hurt to say something now and again." 

"I'm sorry, I have to be strong." I refuse to let the tears fall. 

"What are your fears?" she puts her hand on my shoulder, just like my mother used to. 

"Never finding love." I say, blushing. 

"Is that all?" Ingrid raises her eyebrows. 

"Ummm." I struggle to let the words out "Dying alone." I whisper 

"I know you want to act strong and put on this front." She seems to understand "But all it does is expose your weaknesses. Now come on." 

Hundreds of people stand outside the train, filling every space available. Buildings glisten in the sun and tower over us. I feel like I have traveled to a different world. 

"Come on kids." Ingrid calls out. 

I can almost feel Marvels anger. His stubborn nature is showing. 

"Who put you in charge?" 

"Well...Who won the last games Marvel?" 

He stops, realizing how stupid he would sound denying her victory. 

"You can order me about if you win." 

"When I win." 


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