The Glimmer Games

This is the story of the hunger games, told from Glimmer's point of view. The tribute from District 1 will be the main character in this story. You have read the games from Katniss point of view, but what if you found out how Glimmer felt. Stay tuned to read this story. Some points are from my own point of view, so please don't comment saying that I have got wrong. Thank you :)


3. Meeting out Mentor

As the train pulls away from the station, and our attention turns to who our opponents will be. 

Ingrid, our mentor knows she will have no trouble with us. We are prepared, have been for years. Despite fierce, constant training, it is hard to stop my heart beating so fast, to stop my hands shaking. I hold my hands together, trying to make is less obvious. 

"Opponents should be easy this year." She says picking food up from a mahogany table laden with food. She pops are grape in her mouth, grinning at us. 

"At least smile." She says offering us the bowl "You are going to win." 

She sounds so confident, but still my pulse races unsure of success. 

"We have a mixed bunch this year." Ingrid points to the sofa opposite her. "Cato and Clove, they're the ones to watch out for." 

"District 2?" I ask. Ingrid nods. 

"Easy." Marvel replies confidently. 

"I wouldn't be so quick to kill them." Ingrid responds. "I need you to ally with them!" 

"What?" Marvel rises and stands face to face with Ingrid. "We don't need your help!" 

"You try with out me, see how far you get." 

"You know I could kill you in a second, I'm lethal." he is so intimidating, capable of anything. 

"Go one then." She smiles. 

He raises his hand to strike, but lowers it after a few seconds. 

"Sit down." 

"You'll pay for this." Marvel mutters under his breath as he returns to his seat. 


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