The Glimmer Games

This is the story of the hunger games, told from Glimmer's point of view. The tribute from District 1 will be the main character in this story. You have read the games from Katniss point of view, but what if you found out how Glimmer felt. Stay tuned to read this story. Some points are from my own point of view, so please don't comment saying that I have got wrong. Thank you :)


2. Glimmer the Tribute

District 1's escort, Laina Gritmth stands on the raised platform. She drones on in a tone that is hard to listen to. I scan the crowd of boys, searching for my opponent. I know that his name is Marvel, and I know he is a keen fighter. He stands by himself, like people are too scared to stand close to him. He catches my eye and smirks at me. He looks he would kill me in a second. 

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen." Laina starts, her voice is deep and hard to follow. 

I stand straight, making sure I look relaxed but confident for when I volunteer. 

"Welcome to the reaping of the 74th Hunger Games, firstly, lets see which girl will be representing District 1 this year." 

She reaches into the bowl, and spends time carefully sifting through the pieces of paper, with names scrawled on. Eventually she pulls out a name and shuffles to the microphone, the spikes on her heels shine in the sun. 

"Valeria Aldjoy." 

Everybody turns to her, but she doesn't look frightened, she appears smug, that she had gotten away with it. I almost want to leave her, let her face the brutality of the games, but I know that, that simply isn't an option. 

"I volunteer as tribute." I shout, raising my hand. 

"Ahh yes, come on then dear."

I walk up to the platform, my body language displaying a confident girl, ready to kill. Hiding the despair inside. 

The sea of faces are upon me as Laina asks for my name. 

"Glimmer Algirdas." I say slowly so people will have no trouble knowing who I am. 

"Well, congratulations and may the odds be ever in your favor! 

I smile at her, trying to keep calm. I see Marvels face, he wears a grin that stretches from ear to ear. 

"And now for the boys." 

Again she takes her time picking out a name, even though she knows there will be a volunteer. Still people hold their  breath, praying they don't get picked, just in case Marvel changes his mind.

Wade Rivendell" 

A sigh of relief sounds in unison. 

"I volunteer as tribute." Marvel shouts, his grin still present on his face. 

He strides up to the platform.

"I'm Marvel, Marvel Fairban." he says taking the microphone in his hand and then returning it into Laina. 

"Well Marvel, good luck, now we mark the start of the 74th Hunger Games, we shall let the tributes, Glimmer and Marvel shake hands."

I nervously hold out my hand, hoping it doesn't shake.

"Happy hunger games, and may the odds be ever in your favor."

She turns away from us, to address the crowd once again. Still shaking hands Marvel looks me straight in the eye and whispers. 
"You're dead." 

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