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Austin Blue is the hottest, most popular guy at school. His carefree charm and searing good looks gets him all the girls but what happens when he mess's with the wrong girl? Aleisha Dawson is the nobody of the school but transforms into a beauty queen in order to take down Austin. She has tricks and lies up her sleeve to bring him down. Love however has a funny way of messing up plans. Will Ally be the girl of Austin's dreams? Or will Ally be swept up by another guy? Just remember kids all is fair in love and war


4. Chapter 4

So my punishment started the very next day. 

It was 3:15 and I rushed to after school detention in order to get their on time. Turns out the 'strict' policy the school has in place  and their punishment system is a little flawed. Naturally, I was the first there and I waited patiently outside the door for a teacher to arrive. I checked my watch and I was 5 minutes early. The halls were starting to empty and the streams of people were thinning. A group of your stereotypical misfit children walked towards me. They didn't give me and my books a second look before pushing the door open and arranging themselves in the room, giving me a hint that they were probably here a lot. I stared off into the distance and found no teacher to offer assistance and so I followed suit and went to find a desk at the back. I opened my maths book but found it hard to concentrate on maths with the commotion unleashed before me. 

Three guys were standing in the corner of the classroom, hanging there head out of the window, blowing smoke into the air. They were smoking in class! Isn't that grounds for another detention? Are they that stupid? The black leather clad band of warriors sprawled out on the desk, keeping mostly to themselves. There were three girls gossiping in the middle of the room, lounging across the desks, their provocative clothing suggested they didn't mind that they were flashing most of the class. 

The door opened and in came a substitute teacher who had obviously been dumped with the detention duties. At least some sort of order can finally be upheld in the class. He casually strolled to the desk at the front, plonked his butt down in the swivel chair and kicked his feet up onto the desk. He tipped his sunglasses back to cover his eyes and I wasn't entirely convinced he wasn't just sleeping for the next hour and a half. 

I was shocked to say the least. He had given as much consideration to the class, as they had of him. 

Instead of succumbing to the outlandish behavior of my peers, I started work on my homework. I stared at my maths book hopelessly. Maths had just been last period but all I could remember of the lesson was Mr Smith rattling off some sort of explanation as to why there is a relationship between Y and X. And all I could process of that explanation was my own inner musings of the utter moron who thought to put numbers with letters in a math equation. Maths was my least favourite subject, partly because of the intense boredom of the subject and partly because it doesn't freaken make sense. I re-read the same question about five times:

what is the relationship between X and Y and what form will it take on the graph?

All I could do was emptily stare at my book and turn math into a soap opera of my life. Because seriously how is it that letters have more of a love life then me. How can x and Y be in a relationship, yet all I am in is a revenge scheme, a million years away from love. Letters. Inanimate objects having a love life. While I pondered my sanity, as becoming jealous of letters were grounds for craziness, I realized I was a near miss away from being clobbered by a spit ball. 

A release of snickers came from across the room, revealing the masterminds. I scraped my chair back ready to embrace my new powerful persona, and give them a piece of my mind before the door opened for the third time and in strolled Austin Blue. He was oblivious to the fact he was like 40 minutes late and the teacher didn't seem to mind either. His devilish smile turned towards me but he turned his path towards the spitball culprits. He had a hushed conversation in which they turned white and curled up back into their corner. His eyes came back to find mine but I quickly averted my eyes to my book. This act of dismissal didn't phase him however and he strolled towards me casual as ever. 

He pulled up a desk beside me and leaned his head on his elbow lazily, giving me an expectant look. 

'Can I help you?' I asked sarcastically, not meeting his gaze instead seeming intently interested in my math.  

'Well, I was waiting for the kiss' he stated, swiping his hair out of his face revealing his casual, yet so attractive half smile. How can one small action make me feel weak at the knees but I played it cool.

'Excuse me' I scoffed, this time looking at him with genuine incredulous. 

'I mean, I did just save you, so technically I'm your knight in shining armour and you must follow tradition and give me a special treat' he licked his lips hungrily, his eyed glued to my face. I ruffled his hair, as you would a small child, and his hands instantly flew up to his head to straighten it out.

'Oh, so you saved me from the bombardment of spit balls' I smiled, laughing at his wounded look and his now messy hair. Which to be honest looked unbelievably sexy. 'And tell whoever it is hiring you guys, that next time I want a more attractive knight in shining armour, preferably on a horse' 

I tried my best to look bored at the banter happening between us. His smile faltered for half a second, looking somewhat hurt? He soon returned to his usual cocky self. 

'Dually noted. I'm sure however, my winning smile and exceedingly perfect hair, more then makes up for it and besides our lips haven't been formally introduced, it would be the polite thing to do' he smiled and to my surprise, he ran one finger tenderly across my lips. My body ached for that touch and my lips now felt tingly and heat spread across my cheeks. He dropped his hand from my face. 'Besides this is my territory and I make the rules' 

I nodded not caring and pretended to work out an equation. 

'Why are you doing work in detention?' He sounded generally shocked that anybody would use this time productively. 

'Well if the only alternative option is spending time with you, please give me mercy and leave me to my math' I fake pleaded, letting an easy smile onto my face in reaction to his genuine laughter. 

'I love it when girls play hard to get' he winked before leaning back in his chair. 

'Trust me, I'm not playing' I replied and he smiled his winning smile at me. He surprised me again by grabbing my hand and pulling me up. The warmth of my hand stopped any protests forming on my lips and the teacher nodded to us as we left the room. 

'What are you doing?' I asked, he had dropped my hand now and he led me outside. We turned a corner and I fell in step behind him. My curiosity peaked as he stopped in front of the door to the male changing rooms. 

'A part of my community service counts as cleaning the store room' he responded, bending his fingers in the air, as quotation marks around cleaning. 

'What do you mean 'clean'?' I asked, mimicking his action around the word clean. 

'Well usually I would get... Distracted when a girl would come down clean' he said, pausing to find an appropriate word for help clean. 'If you know what I mean' he walked inside and I followed suit. 

'Im not quite sure I do' I said nervously, being in the male changing rooms with a male present is not something I usually prefer to do. 

'I can show you if you want' he winked, and before I knew it, he had grabbed my wrist and pushed my back up against the wall. He seductively stroked my cheek and lay a soft kiss on my neck. I momentarily forgot to breathe and I froze in his grasp. I could feel his warm, strong arms on my body and his sweet scent filled my nostrils. I didn't want it to end, and he pulled back and stared into my eyes, the piercing green making it extremely hard to keep breathing. 

Inhale. Exhale. Just remember that. 

A smug smile crept across his face and he released his grasp on me and fell off of my body. For a moment I missed the heat of his body and had to fight the urge to pull his face back towards mine. 

'Never do that again' I warned, although my voice was breathless and raspy from such close proximity with him. 

'Do you really mean that?' he looked hungrily in my direction. Did I really mean that? Heck no. 

'Yes' I replied, putting more conviction and power behind the word. He stepped forward, so our bodies were close but not physically touching and I inhaled sharply. He smirked at me again. 

'Then fine. I won't kiss you until you say I can but now I know. You had me going for a minute there' he said knowingly, stepping away from me and lounging along the length of the bench, his head propped up by his arms. 

'Know what?' I asked, in a quiet voice. The male gender inexplicably scared me and when a male species, who was as attractive as Austin Blue, stood a mere 30cm away from me, I get freaken terrified.

'That you think I'm totally sexy and you totally want me' he stated quite sure of himself. 'But don't be embarrassed it's just a natural reaction girls have while around me' 

'I have a natural gag reflex, that only seems to happen when I'm around you' I retorted, finding it easy to slip back into the playful banter. I took a seat opposite him on a bench as I watched his face light up with laughter. 'Anyway, you drag me out here and we aren't even going to do anything? I mean I'm not going to pass math, if I don't learn it' 

'Well, I did suggest some activities' he said, smirking as he noticed the red rise up in my cheeks. 'But please, maths is child's play and a smart, beautiful girl like yourself must be able to do it in your sleep' he replied, the compliment just rolling off his tongue. I had to remember he probably told that to all the girls. I'm not special to him in any way. 

'Mr Blue, did you just imply that maths is easy? Are you really a secret maths genius?' I teased, raising one eyebrow in surprise as his face almost formed the shape of embarrassment. 

'Of course not. Only thing I can do is football' he laughed, but the smile didn't reach his eyes. Did Austin Blue have feelings? Feelings and ideas much deeper then you first think when you see his appearance? 'But I look mighty fine while doing it, even if I do say so myself' 

His cocky smile played over his face and he swept his blond hair back out of his face. That was a big no to feelings and a big yes to totally freaken up himself. Ok, enough time wasting. What would Jessie and Macy want me to do right now? Scope for information we could use against him. 

'So Mr hotshot superstar, what else do you do besides football?' I asked, settling into a more comfortable position. I watched as emotions played over his face but shock seemed to register. 'What?' 

'Nothing, it's weird for a girl to take interest in me' he said. 'I mean usually we skip the talking and would have been at making out a good 10 minutes ago' 

'Well, since that's not going to happen, we might as well use the time' I confirmed, even though I could feel my cheeks flush at the mention of my lips to his. 

'I don't have much time to do anything. I have to look after my sisters a lot and with that and school' he replied, I was shocked he actually gave me a serious answer. How is it possible for this player guy to suddenly just flick a switch and become some emotional god. 'I mean it's been hard this last year' 

'How come you have to look after your sisters? Where's your parents?' I asked but immediately regretted it, as I saw pain distort his features. He refused to make eye contact instead stared at his hands. 'Im sorry I shouldn't pry, it's your business...'

'Yeah, it is my business not yours' he spoke abruptly, a hardness I hadn't heard in his voice before. His intense gaze lifted from his hands to meet my eyes. For a second his eyes resonated something sad but soon turned flirting and fake. So jerk mode had been reinstated, yippee for me. 'I need too be a lot more drunk for that conversation. 

After that vague answer, I eyed him quizzically. How can this guy who has everything be in so much pain? 

'Are you sure you don't wanna make out?' He laughed, wiggling his eyebrows at me. 

Just like that, he had fell straight back into his player charm. Urgh I move 2 steps forwards and 5 steps back with him. 

'Now that's something I would need to be completely drunk to do' I laughed. 

'But are you ever going to give up?' I sighed. 'Really, your efforts are embarrassing. Aren't you tired of rejection?' 

'Well if you feel the need to be drunk, I feel there is a need for a party' he smirked. 

'And heres a tip babe, you will only be able to fight this attraction for so long before you will break' he winked, absently twisting a piece of my hair around his finger. For a second there I could have sworn I saw something warm and familiar in him.'And when you break, I'll more then willingly oblige to sleep with you' 

'The day that happens is the day pigs will fly' I scoffed, playfully tugging his hand from my hair. I leaned forward so my lips were close to his ear. 'And here's a tip babe, you ever call me babe again and your grapes will turn into raisins. Capisce?' 

'Any excuse for you to touch my grapes hey babe' he winked before his smug smile turned into one of pain. He grasped his Crown Jewels, as I had just hit him where it hurt. 

'As I said before, I'm looking for a man with a lot bigger package' I laughed, as he doubled over in pain. I caught a glimpse of the time and realized we had only 15 minutes left of detention. I mentally went over cool ways to exit and leave on a high note before deciding on just walking out laughing. Well that was what I had planned on. Some badass, leaving with a bang kinda exit.

I left with a bang alright, the badass must have got lost in translation. 

Because instead of just gliding sexily out of the room, I stormed over the length of the locker rooms only to get my heels wound around a soccer goal netting which pulled me to the ground. I didn't land gracefully and I flew my hands out to protect my face but nothing could be done for my ego. I could hear Austin laughing at me from behind. He was in hysterics and only just started to sober up and walk towards me.

'Oh yeah so funny' I mocked sarcastically trying to cover my embarrassment with a sharp tone. 'So much for knight in shining armour' 

He placed his hand under my arm.

'Your so hot when you play damsel in distress' he laughed, going to heave me up. 

I was about to retort, when a harsh shooting pain shot up from my ankle and I groaned. His laughter subsided as he realised I was actually hurt. He tenderly touched my ankle and I shrieked and tugged at his shirt. His face was indented with cute frown lines which I would have usually swooned over but right now my ankle really freakin hurt. He gently placed me back down on the floor.

'I think you might have broken your ankle' he explained, as he prodded it, aggravating the pain. 

'Ill be back, I'll run and get help. You need to get it checked out at the hospital' he told me before disappearing round the door. His head quickly reappeared and a half smile returned on his face. 'Babe!' 

He winked and ran back to the main office for help. So Austin won this round and after a hour long wait at the hospital I had fractured my ankle and had to have a cast on my foot for at least two weeks. Earning Austin a point on the tally chart. 

Ally    1

Austin    1



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