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Austin Blue is the hottest, most popular guy at school. His carefree charm and searing good looks gets him all the girls but what happens when he mess's with the wrong girl? Aleisha Dawson is the nobody of the school but transforms into a beauty queen in order to take down Austin. She has tricks and lies up her sleeve to bring him down. Love however has a funny way of messing up plans. Will Ally be the girl of Austin's dreams? Or will Ally be swept up by another guy? Just remember kids all is fair in love and war


3. Chapter 3


'Girl, I didn't think you had it in you but you were the Sassmaster back there!' Jessie congratulated me, clapping me on the back, as we took our usually seats at the lunch table. 

'Sassmiss' I corrected, pointing out my feminism. 

'I still can't believe I missed it, it sounded amazing. The whole school is talking about it' Macy whined, bubbling with the excitement of my new found fame. It was true. Gossip spread like wildfire around here, especially when it is to do with Austin Blue, the god of Bayswater High. 

'Okay! So target has been acquired and introductions are over, what's our next move?' Jessie asked, talking as if she was on a secret agent mission. 

'Well, my next move is to sit and enjoy my lunch without having to think of that pompous, airhead' I said, rolling my eyes at them. That was short lived as Austin walked through the cafeteria to the popular kids table, throwing his tousled golden hair from his eyes, he gave me a wink. Urgh he is so irresistible. I pretended to be disgusted however and tossed my hair to my back. 

Macy's face twisted in jealousy, anger and sadness. It was hard for me to see her hurting. It must be so hard to see him totally fine when she was a mess, especially now he's moving in on her best friend.

'He is such a pig' I spat, as I shoved a handful of fries into my mouth. 

'Speaking of pigs, do you think that's wise?' Jessie asked, one eyebrow raising in a way only Jessie can manage to pull off.

'What?' I mumbled, my speech muffled through the big bite of burger that I practically inhaled. 

'You have a killer bod, this is not gonna help you keep it' Jessie tutted, pulling the burger from my grasp; mouth salivating as she held it just out of reach. 

'And there is attractive foods to eat. Grapes for instance are small, easy to eat and you can look cute while eating them. With burgers you look like your trying to fit the whole cow in your mouth' Macy continued on from Jessie's point. As to emphasis her point she popped a grape in her mouth and gracefully chewed. Well done for her and her perfect table manners. 

I plucked the burger from Jessie's hand and set it on the plate in front of me. Now I didn't feel all that hungry, after envisioning a whole cow in front of me. 

'Fine! Focus, what's our next move?' I asked them, as Jessie reached into her bag and pulled out a camera. 'Really? You have to film lunch?' 

'I have to film everything. This could be useful for future reference!' Jessie defended her self and extended the camera to arms length. 'Ok! Macy list the facts!' 

Macy cleared her throat and I rolled my eyes. 

'Well, Ally made her first introduction with the enemy and totally scored against him. Now though he has brushed it off and is on to more accessible targets!' Macy stated, staring off into the distance. 

My eyes followed her line of vision to see a beautiful girl practically throwing herself at Austin. The girl was head cheerleader, Christie. She was beautiful and had an on-off relationship with Austin. He didn't mind the attention but wouldn't commit and she pretended she was fine with that. 

'Ugh, there's a whole freakin bench and that girl chooses to sit in his lap. That is messed up' Jessie claimed, her sassy attitude coming through in her tone. 'If only Ally was more like that!' 

'But thats too predictable though. Remember we need the chase not the capture' Macy reminded us, still deep in thought over the next move. 

We broke our gaze from their table in case it became too obvious. Although knowing Austin Blue he loves the attention and never gets tired of gawking girls. 

'We just need to give her an advantage over those kinds of people' Macy confirmed. 'I just don't know how'

'Well, we need to think of something' Jessie replied.

'Well don't think too hard girls, it might hurt you!' Came a voice from behind me. I turned and my eyes were met with a tall and beautiful blonde Barbie who had been previously lying over Austin. 'What are you doing anyways?' 

'Nothing you need to concern yourself with, Christie' Macy told her, a sweet condescending smile smothered on her face. Her smile was polite but her gaze was murderous. Christie gave her a sharp look before returning to her fake bright smile. It was evident that she practically hated anyone that has ever even looked in Austin's direction.

'Well, as you know I'm head cheerleader and a position has opened up on the squad. Not all of us can be cheerleaders'- she turned to look at Macy smugly- 'but I'd like to maybe see you guys at practice after school' 

Macy and Christie had had a rivalry for as long as we can remember. Macy used to be one of them. She was a popular girl and sported a flock of guys that followed her around. However she lost her fame and fortune, when she refused to join the cheerleading squad because she believed its sexist to parade around in short skirts, cheering on boys. This sort of view just would not be tolerated and so Macy was kicked out of the group. She was too nice for them anyway. 

'We don't cheer' Jessie claimed and turned away to exclude her from the conversation. Christie gave a curt smile, eyeing each of us before continuing. 

'Oh, of course you don't. I just thought you'd be good entertainment. Oh well your loss' Christie laughed and her blonde bimbo minions laughed too. 'I mean, your not in the best shape at the moment anyway are you? I've heard you are what you eat; so maybe cut down on the muffin tops, Jessie' 

Their echoes bounced of the walls in the cafeteria and people around us started to drag their attention from the slop on their plate, to the bitch fight starting to unravel. Jessie wasn't fat at all but she had killer curves. She actually had hips and I'd die to have her boobs. Girls nowadays though, think if you aren't sporting the thigh gap, then you must be morbidly obese. This just shows how utterly stupid Christie and her little band of sluts are. 

'Don't talk about her like that' Macy said in a timid voice. Macy had never been one for confrontation. She got flustered and awkward and would give in straight away. So I give her 10 out of 10 for trying but it really wasn't going to get us anyway. 

'Oh and who's gonna stop me? You?' She laughed at the mere thought of Macy standing up for herself let alone any one else. 'Or pudgy pants over here?' 

Jessie usually would have had this bitch in a choke hold by now. I peeked over to look at her face and I was shocked to see tears brimming at the edge of her eye lids. She used to be chubby as a kid and she had gotten bullied over it. This just seemed to be bringing back bad memories. 

My usual character would never have even thought to stand up to head cheerleader, Christie. I would have wanted to. To save my friend. To tell her off. I just couldn't because I wasn't wired to be violent or to go on the offensive. But when I got a makeover which made me unrecognizable from my old self, I felt like I created a new version of Aleisha Dawson. An Ally 2.0. I had new found confidence that I called upon which forced my shaky legs to pull me up from my seat, so that I was right in front of Christies face. 

In that moment I had a monumental choice to make. I could just let it go. I could have been the bigger person and let her go. I could have. But I didn't. 

'Your gonna have to repeat that in English because I'm not fluent in whore' I spat, only just noticing the silence panning over the room, all eyes glued to our table. That means no backing out anymore. It's go hard or go home. 'And just in case you didn't catch the hint, that means I'm giving you a second chance to rethink the crap that just came out of your mouth' 

A cacophonous sound of screeching and yelling outburst from the people around us. Everyone was tensing for a fight and I hoped to hell we didn't have to give them one. But of course that would be too easy. Christie looked taken aback at first and then she stepped forward and lowered her voice into a menacing snarl. 

'I can't seem to remember your name but please don't remind me, I don't really care' she laughed. 'But whoever you are, you better stop talking smack. I don't appreciate talking to the ugly any more then I have to' 

The growing crowd cheered at her comeback and a smug smile spread on her face. She lived for the applause and attention. She raised an eyebrow as if waiting for me to dare speak. 

'Oh so it worked then?' I said and she stared blankly at me, waiting for the punch line.

'What worked?' She asked generally confused but not losing her cocky air. 

'I was trying to look as ugly as you today! Obviously worked' I said and her face pinched in annoyance. 'You know what I'm done. Why don't you go pick on someone your own size. There a bus in the parking lot'

That was it. The crowd went crazy. Christies face seethed in anger, her nostrils flaring wide. I turned around to Jessie and Macy, who were staring wide eyed, proud of their creation. I have to say it felt good to finally give her a taste of her own medicine. I turned my back from her and went to return to my seat. 

'Who said we were done here' she challenged, grabbing my arm forcefully, pulling me back round to face her. Tossing her blonde hair behind her back she stared me down. 

'I said, we were done here' I snarled, meeting her gaze but ripping my arm out of her clutch. I heard murmurs among the hoards of people surrounding us of teachers approaching. 

'Id kick your sorry ass but that would be animal abuse' she laughed, smiling at her victory. I came this far and I wasn't going to let her beat me. I could see the crowd splitting and defeatist  sighs coming from the crowd. Teachers were closing in on us. So I did what any logically thinking girl would do. 

I punched her in the nose. 

'Oh, look! It was an actual improvement on your face' I sneered, smiling momentarily at my victory. 

That victory was short lived as the repercussions started crashing in. Christie lay on the floor, rolling in agony while clutching her nose, which was spurting blood like it was the Niagara falls. I suddenly became crushingly aware of the horrific pain in my hand and my knuckles were teared open and were bleeding. But I would take my injury over her skewed nose anyday. If this wasn't enough, I had my biology teacher, launch his full body weight on top of me to restrain me to the floor. How did I seem threatening when I had been clutching my hand as if my life depended on it? 

'Miss Dawson! My office now!' A screechy voice yelled over all the commotion. As soon as she was heard, the room went quiet. 'and christie finish at the infirmary and meet me in my office too' 

Notice how she used my last name but she was on first name basis with Christie. Yeah, I chose to have a fight with the girl of the father who donated practically half the money that went into this school. Wow I'm so totally screwed. As Malibu Barbie was carefully escorted to the infirmary, I was hauled like a prisoner to the principals office. As I took the walk of shame, the crowd of kids, parted like the Red Sea. Jessie had come up close to me and whispered something in my ear while inconspicuously slipping a piece of paper into my hand. 

'When she asks to call your mum' 

Oh my god! She will want to call my mum. My mum who is the only person I would never ever want to disappoint. However punching preppy princess, no matter how much she asked for it, was a action worth disappointment. Mr Briggs, the biology teacher, who's short stout body had been pressing me to the floor just moments ago, threw me into a leather chair in the principals office. As if I was going to make a run for it, he remained at my side with his hand firmly on my shoulder, as if to keep me restraint. You hit someone once and people think your a bomb about to explode. The headmistress walked in and perched her bum on the edge of her desk, so she was at eye level with me. I got the scrutinizing stare for at least 15 seconds before she launching into her speech about how incorrigible my behaviour was. 

'Miss Dawson I'm extremely disappointed in you...' She began and from there I seemed to tune out. I nodded at places I deemed an appropriate place to nod and hoped my false sincerity wasn't scrutinized. I zoned in and out for the next ten minutes, catching odd phrases and words but mostly staring out the window. Watching the birds take off so gracefully, not a care in the world, totally free of their inhibitions. I wish I was a bird flying high and free. 

'...and so you understand when I say I will have to notify your mother' she finished and her stern tone, notified me that a) she totally realized I was staring out the window and b) my mother was getting involved. I had forgotten about the piece of paper screwed up in my hand. As the headmistress turned to get the phone, I unravelled the paper. On it was a number. A number long enough to be a phone number. When the headmistress looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to type my number into the phone I had a battle with my morals. I had grown up to always tell the truth and face up to your mistakes. But the devil won this one and I typed in the number on the piece of paper, which in fact could just lead me to more trouble. 

After I heard the headmistress confirm with my 'mother' a solid course of action for both at school and home, she placed the phone down. 

'Seeing as this is your first offense, I'm not suspending you' the headmistress told me and I let out breathe I didn't realise I was holding. 'But you will have a month of detention and community service' 

'Oh my goodness, thank you headmistress. I swear this will never happen again' I pleaded, getting out of my chair and hurrying to the door before she changed her mind. I turned at the sound of her voice, my hand hovering on the door handle.

'Make sure it doesn't because if there is a next time miss Dawson, I can't be so lenient' she replied, pushing her glasses up the rim of her nose and moving to attend to paperwork on her desk. A sign of dismissal. I escaped the office and was greeted by Macy and Jessie. 

And that is how I survived my very first office adventure practically unscathed. 



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