Survival [Zayn Malik]

She was innocent, untainted by vampires society. Even after being sold to a rich Vampire. He kept her safe, but he's in love with a meer mortal. What will he do to keep her innocent, and vampire?


2. Two

•Erin's POV•

The morning sun hit my face. There was Zayn sitting in my room. With his head in his hands. I feel a cold wet spot where my head was. As I look down there's blood. I feel my neck, two holes sit there. I look at Zayn again. He has blood on his hands. He bit me. When he looks up blood is on his face. 

"You bit me?", I ask. 

"I lost control."

"Oh my god!"

"Erin please. I needed to save your life."

"So you can use me for some sick game? I hate you Zayn! I said I wanted to die naturally! I'm not some toy who you can play with!"

"You haven't changed. You're still human."

He comes to me, and holds my face. I try to push him away. But I can't. I'm just too weak. He's going to kill me, and it's my fault. 

"Just kill me, if I'm some snack."

"You aren't!"

"What am I then? If you feel the need to use me!"

"I didn't try to! You think I wanted to hurt you? You think I want to watch you die? I don't! But that's all I'll see! Because I need to let you go again. Because every time you're reborn you love someone else! I'll never have you!" 


"I have to watch the love of my life die!"



"Zayn, please don't kill me."

"That'd be natural for you. Because you'll have to face the truth soon enough."

I kiss him. He's surprised, but kisses me back. I love him. I always have. He grips my shoulders as he moves me to my bed. I gasp as his mouth lands on my neck again. 

"Do it, please." 

"I can't."

He's out of my room again. I walk to the door. Opening it. He's crying. Not realizing I'm there watching him. My heart breaks as I realize he's right. For the ten thousand years he's been alive I've died because someone killed me. Niall wants me to make Zayn create hell on Earth. I've always loved someone else. But Alexander isn't a monster. When I first arrived everything was straight forward. No talking about crushes, no having boyfriends. Because I'll be hurt by them. When I was thirteen I realized that I loved him. But I read old Vampire books. Somehow someone found a way to make them real. So every power in every book was bestowed upon each Vampire family. Some Vampires have marks. Others are like Zayn. No vampire could control elements, see auroras or read minds at once. They only got one power. But that prophecy says the girl who is supposed be saved will. So does that mean I can? Zayn sniffles and looks up. Saddened to see me. To have me watch him cry.  

"Do you really love me?" 


It causes him to smile. I bend down hugging him. Should I actually take my chances at this? Zayn pulls me into his lap, and I lay my head on his chest. No heartbeat whatsoever. It sucks knowing he'll lose me if I love someone else. 

"Am I going to lose you?", he asks. 

"Not ever again", I promise. 

We both stand, and he takes my hand. We walk towards the library. I look at him confused. But I see one of the servants, and two of Zayn's vampire friends. All three of them are vampire. That's why food is brought to me. Because if they change me to soon everything will be ruined. The tree walk towards me. The servant was actually freed since he's vampire. He's part of Zayn's clan. Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Liam Payne.

"So this is the human girl", Harry says. 

"Touch her Styles, and I won't hesitate to snap your neck."

He backs off but Louis is right behind me. I intake breath. He chuckles. I'm always surrounded by Vampires who like to test Zayn. Zayn is away looking for something. Louis is taunting me. 

"Well, I can see why he loves you", Harry says. 

I gulp. 

"He's kept you so innocent", Liam says playing with my hair.

"Awe she's scared Liam", Louis mutters.

"Please get away", I whisper. 

"What fun would that be?", Harry says tracing my arm. 

"Get away from her you three."

I've known Harry for years. He would serve me, and get me extra food even when I shouldn't of. But he's cruel now. Like every other vampire. 

"I can hear your thoughts Erin."

I look at the four of them. Zayn walks over to me, pulling me over to them. I sit next to him on the love seat. Harry looks like he could bite me. I stayed quiet not listening as they talked about the prophecy. I don't really care about it now. I tensed as I felt breath on my neck. Time was frozen. There was no wind blowing. No birds chirping. 

"Awe he cares so much", Louis whispers. 

"Why are you doing this?"

"Easy. Zayn rules most of England. He gets what he wants. He convinces every girl that they're the girl in the prophecy. Except this time, you actually are. He has been chasing you for thousands of years. Niall has killed you every time, just so he can wait for centuries, decades. You've always loved someone else. Always one of Niall's slaves he's changed. History repeats. This time I want to be the one to ruin his life. Because the way you look this time. Is perfect."

Louis throws me over the couch and to a wall. He puts both hands above my head. 

"Maybe i'll spare your life. If you kiss me."


"Good girl."

He kisses me. I'm hating it. His hands pull on the loops of my jeans. so he can get friction. So I'll no longer be the innocent little girl. His hand slips in my panties. I gasp, as he touches me. He smirks and rubs it. I throw my head back. 

"Has he ever done this to you?", he asks. 


He pulls his hand out and sucks on his fingers I breathe in deeply. He races to his spot and time continues. I go to look through the books. My mind is a whirlwind of emotions. I slide down. Realizing the truth. Louis wants me dead. Because Zayn always gets what he wants. Time is frozen once more. Louis is in front of me. 

"Maybe, I'll freeze time forever."

He kisses me, cupping my face. Something made me enjoy it. He smiles and pushed me into the ground. He hovered above me. Basically dry humping me. I stifled a moan. He smirked and sucked on my neck. 

"S-stop, please. He'll kill me."


He left again and everything started again. 

"Bye boys!"


I stay quiet. not thinking about it. 

"Erin?!", he yells. 

Tears fall. He has good hearing, so I don't make a noise. 


I bite my lip. He finds the isle. Zayn's immediately by my side. Helping my up. He see's the love bite.

"What happened?"

I look down. Not speaking. Muted, because I'm scared for him to know.

"What did Harry do?"

I shake my head. 


I look down again. As the tears fall. 

"What did he do to you?"

"Did he touch you?"

I nod. Zayn hugs me tightly. It was basically rape. We hear footsteps and Louis' there. 

"Ms. Innocent isn't so innocent anymore, Malik."

"You had no right, Tomlinson!"

"But I did. She really doesn't trust anyone. I told her your secrets. You tell every girl you buy you love them. That they're the girl in the prophecy. did you tell her how many girls you've killed? Or how you'll have to lock her away when you change her? Or-", he says. 


Zayn attacks him. He'll lock me away? I run out trying to find my room, but I'm pushed against the wall. Harry and Liam are there. Harry has my belt loops. Liam is holding behind me. 

"Oh, she's scared!", Liam laughs. 

"He won't save you."

"Zayn!", I call. 

But Harry kisses me to shut me up. Liam puts my butt up to his crotch. Louis is out in the hallway. Harry and Liam let go of me. 

"He's passed out, perfect to use you."


I start sprinting, just as I got to my room. Louis Smacks me. I yelp. The door slams shut. It's obvious Harry and Liam are blocking the door. 

"He shouldn't of known."

I stay quiet as he undoes my jeans. I gasp as they're flung across the room. He pushes me on the bed. 

"You deserve this."

"Please, I-I'm not ready."

"Oh what use will he have for you. Once you have a vampire child? hm?" 

"Please", I cry. 

The door is open. Harry, and Liam are passed out. Alexander is standing there. Louis freezes time. I'm screwed. He takes off my panties and goes down on his knees. He licks my slit. Making me moan. He sticks his fingers in, it drives me nuts. While he sucks on my bundle. 

Then he pulls down his pants, and underwear and thrusts into me. I  moan, as he keeps at it. It hurt at first, because I was a virgin. He rubs my clit and I feel my bottom half stiffen up. He shoots his liquid into me. And I'm screwed. He smirks, puts my clothes on. Then his. Time is unfrozen. Alexander goes to attack him. But Louis leaves with the other two. I sit on my bed crying. Alexander sits next to me. 

"He froze time didn't he?"

"Yes. I'm screwed."


"he raped me. I'm going to get pregnant."

Alexander hugs me. Zayn comes in thanking him. I see Alexander tell him. Zayn gets pissed. He comes to me, as I'm crying. 

"I'm sorry."

"No, it's not your fault. Just never run off again."


Zayn hugs me. Rubbing my back, trying to soothe me. He cups my face and kisses me. I kiss back smiling, when he pulls away I only laugh. Realizing that Zayn really does love me, and cares about my safety. He nuzzles into my neck making me giggle. Zayn is adorable when he isn't a scary Vampire. His arms wrap around my waist, pulling me on his lap. I sigh, enjoying how he can be like this. Zayn kisses my head. 

"You have school tomorrow."

"Maybe someone could drive me?", I giggle. 

He smirks. 

"Would that someone be me?"


He kisses my cheek, and gets up. Leaving me in my room. 


I get up looking to see it's 4 in the morning. I hurry to my bathroom to shower. I shut the door, and undress. Quickly I turn on the shower and step in. Shaving my legs, and armpits. Then washing, and conditioning my hair. I grab my towel and wrap it around myself. Quickly I go to my closet to grab my clothes. Suddenly, I feel hands wrap around my waist. I tense. Turning it's Louis. 

"Hm, this towel should be gone."

"No, it shouldn't. Fucking rapist."

"Oh, that's no way to talk to me."

"I don't have time for your crap." 

He kisses my head and leaves. I shudder, and hurry to change. I put on a Nirvana belly shirt, ripped skinny jeans, socks, combat boots, dark makeup, lipstick, bracelets, my belly ring, and waterfall braid my hair. Remembering my backpack is at school. I hurry to get downstairs. Once I reach the door I see his "friends". It seems as if Zayn doesn't care what happened last night. Liam rushes to me. I feel his teeth graze my skin. I whimper. Zayn looks over. Liam releases me. Pushing me to join them. Zayn takes my hand, dragging me out of the house. I look to see Harry smirking at me. Zayn pushes me in the car. It's only 4:40. 

"My phone is inside."

"I'll get it."

He dashed inside. 

"He should stop leaving you alone."

I see Harry. He smiles, and moves my hair over. Pressing on the healed bites marks. 

"ouch, that hurts." 


Harry bit on the exact spot Zayn did. I instantly lost my composure. He smirks, and pulled off. he licked them. They stopped bleeding instantly. He licked his lips and was gone. Zayn came back and handed me my phone. We pulled out. On the long journey to my school.

"What's wrong now?'

"Harry bit me."

"He what?!"

"I tried to get him to stop. But I was too weak."

Zayn mumbles something. I stay quiet on the ride. Thinking about why I was such an idiot. Zayn takes my hand in his. I smile to myself. He isn't mad with me. We spent an hour in traffic, we finally got into school at 6:30. I had a half hour before school started. Zayn made me face him. I looked down. Scared he might yell at me. But he kisses me. I smile and kiss back. He pulls at my hips. I rest my hands on his chest. He smirks, as I slide my hands around his neck to play with the little hairs at the end. I gasped when his hands landed on my bare stomach. He chuckled. Making out in his car, is weird.

"I wish you didn't have school."

"Me too."

There was a knocking on the window. There was Anderson. Winking. Zayn laughs. Pushing me out. I grab my phone off the seat. Before he drives off. 

"My best friend has resulted in making out in a car."

"Anderson. Last week you and Luke were dry humping in your back seat."

"Shut up", he blushes. 

We walk in. Michael pushes Anderson into a locker. Then me into one. Grabbing onto the belt loops of my pants. 

"Hello, sexy."


He moves my hair. There lay the bite marks. 

"What the fuck? Are you one of them?"


Just as Michael was about to bring me closer Mark stepped in. 

"What are you doing?"

"Why do you care?"

"She's my best friend."

Alexander walked over to me. 

"Dude, get off of her. Do you really want to get in trouble with her master?"



He did and Alexander smiled at me. But I saw the pain in his eyes. He couldn't stop Louis in time. Mark and Anderson left to find Luke, Cecilia, and Veronica.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm in pain, Erin. Every time I mess something up with Niall, he literally has someone beat me. Not my face though. So no one knows."

"Is it my fault?"

"N-no. How can you think that? I wanna protect you. Not hurt you."

"Did you realize that after Lucy hurt you?"

"Basically. Why didn't you ever tell me?"

"Cause no one would believe me. You wouldn't believe me. You liked the both of us, didn't you?"


"Why'd you choose her?"

"She made me blind when I was with her." 


He smiled, and wrapped an arm around me. While I went to grab my backpack. We headed to first period. Lucy walked up to us. 

"You're Vampire now?"


"It's hot."

"Leave me alone."

Lucy glares at me before we walk in. I sit in the back with Alexander and my friends. 


As Alexander, and I walked out of school for the end of the day. I saw them. I couldn't see Zayn or his car. Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall were walking over. Alexander pushed me behind him. I gripped onto the back of his shirt. 

"Alexander, hand her over", Niall ordered. 

"No, she doesn't deserved to be raped again. Or tortured by any of you." 

"No, see. You have to listen to me, Alexander. Or do you want a black eye?"

"I'll go."

"Erin are you nuts?", Alexander whispers. 

"No. Maybe. But I don't want you getting hurt."

Liam grabbed me, and I instantly passed out. 


When I woke up, I was on a dirty mattress. 

"So, she's awake."

Niall smiled at me. I looked away. But he just appeared in front of me. 

"Do you want to see Alexander?"


The light turned on. I saw bruises lining his chest. 

"What did you do?"

I ran to him. He was chained against the wall. Unconscious. 

"He tried fighting against me."

"So you beat him!"


I get up, and push him into the wall. He chuckles. 

"Forget that I'm Vampire?"

His hand was around my neck. I was against the wall. My nails dug into his wrist. 

"So precious." 

There was a squeaking. I turned to see Liam, Louis, and Harry. Behind them was Zayn. Looking pissed. 

"Well damn. He found out."

He pushed the three aside. Looking at Alexander. His eyes turned red. Niall just smirked, and squeezed my neck tighter. Zayn knocked him down. Causing me to fall. I was taking deep breaths. Leaning against the wall. Alexander opened his eyes. Seeing my struggle to breathe. Of course he broke the chains. The three idiots watched. Alexander came to me. 

"I'm so sorry."

"It was my fault", I said between breaths. 

He smiled. There was Niall on the ground unconscious. Zayn hugged me. 

"Let Alexander come with. Please."

"Of course." 

The three stepped aside. I held onto Zayn. He had an arm around me. Alexander smiles at me. We get in Zayn's car. I look down. With my eyes watering. Alexander will get hurt, so will I. Because I exist. 

"Stop thinking that", they both say. 


"Babe, you need to exist."

"Everyone keeps getting hurt because of me."

We pulled up. Everyone got out. Zayn showed Alexander my room. Since there was no other rooms. Zayn then came back to me. We sat in the library. With him facing me. 

"People are supposed to get hurt. You aren't but others are."

"I'm pregnant, Zayn. With Louis' kid."

"You aren't. There are certain ways Vampires and Humans can have children. One of them is that they're soulmates. Like us. Or you agree to marry the other person. You didn't so you can't get pregnant." 


"Really", he smiles. 

He kisses me. 

I head up to my room. To see another bed, and Alexander laying shirtless on it. All his clothes are in another closet. 

"Your room?", he asked. 


The door shut and locked. Alexander pushed me down. I smiled and looked away. But Alexander makes me face him. He kisses me. I get taken by surprise. I kiss back. He pulls of quickly. 

"Crap. He'll kill me."

He sits down. Zayn comes barging in. I look at him, before he drags me to his room. I sit on his bed while he paces. 

"We're a couple right?"


"Then why did you kiss him!"

"I-I don't know."

I stood up to calm him. 

"Zayn, please d-", I say. 

Zayn slapped me. I looked at him. 

"Erin. I-I didn't mean it."

"Why would you slap me?"

I ran out of his room. Down the hallway to a random room. I opened it, seeing torture devices. My eyes widen. I back up. running into something hard. 

"You didn't need to see this room."

"what's wrong with you?"

He pushed me into the room, and shut the door locking it. I gulped as I was in a corner. Zayn smirked as I fell. He tied ropes around my legs, and wrists. He then taped my mouth. 

"This is what you get when you see this room."

Tears fell. His eyes were red, so he isn't his normal self. 

his eyes turned brown. Zayn saw what he was doing, and carefully took the tape off. Then he untied the ropes. 


"You hit me then you tie me up."


"Zayn, I need to be alone."


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