Survival [Zayn Malik]

She was innocent, untainted by vampires society. Even after being sold to a rich Vampire. He kept her safe, but he's in love with a meer mortal. What will he do to keep her innocent, and vampire?


10. Ten

•Erin's POV•

Vladimir haunts my dreams. I woke up after having a nightmare. He killed Zayn then forced me to agree to marriage. Zayn has still remained gone. There was no one to comfort me about it. Until I ran into Harry who has been sitting with me. The door opens and in walks Zayn. I run and hug him. He wraps his arms around me. Did I ever mention how much taller he is than me? Well, he is. Harry leaves and Zayn makes me face him. He kisses me making his facial hair run against me. I smile. This might be the last day I ever see him. 

"He can't beat you."

I know this. But when he can get into my dreams and make me debate with myself. Zayn makes me look up at him. I smile as he leans down to kiss me again. His hands holding my hips. I let him keep me pressed against him. His hand slides into the front of my jeans. I pull his hands away and walk towards the kitchen to get blood. I run right into Alexander. His hands steady me as he hands me a blood bag. I jump on the counter, Alexander sits next to me and Zayn walks in. He looks at us and shakes his head. 

Anderson and Luke walk in. Looking to see all of us drinking blood. 

"It doesn't taste that bad." 

They try some and gulp it down. Alexander holds my hand secretly as Zayn talks to them. I look up and his eyes melt me. I look away and fidget. I jump down and walk out of the castle. Basking in the sunlight. Lips attack my neck. I see Alexander. 

"Please stop, I don't want Zayn hurting you." 

I play with the pond water. I make it go up and have it shaped. I freeze it. It's a glass heart. Zayn comes out and grabs it from me. Alexander leaves and Zayn breaks it. I look at him. He saw what Alexander was doing. He took both pieces and left me. My eyes water. Maybe I should let Vladimir win. 

"Fight with us", Liam says. 

"No. I'll die in battle." 

He cuts a deeply in my neck and leaves. I gasp as he leaves. I race in and fall in the entryway. 

"Erin! Zayn she's bleeding." 

He runs towards me. 

"No, no, no. This is my fault. Please we need you tomorrow. 

He gives me his blood and it heals. I sigh and sit up. Anderson hugs me and makes sure to not let me go. 

"Anderson, you know I need personal space." 


"Did I forget to mention my cousin Alexandru is coming to help us fight. He's eighteen. Was turned yesterday. He's coming from Norway." 

"Great more help." 

Zayn soon moves away from me. I run to the gym. Practicing fighting with the trainers. Soon they leave and I start punching the bags. I attack the dummies and scream. Curling into a corner. A tall black haired blue eyes boy walks in. When he sees me he instantly is by me. 

"So you're Alexander's crush?", he asks with his Norwegian accent.

"I'm his crush?" 


"You must be Alexandru." 

"I am", he smiles. 

His lips attach to mine. I push him away after a second. 

"Please, don't. Zayn's already mad at me." 

That's when I see him in the entryway. He walks over and Alexandru leaves. He sits next to me, I look up at him. He slams a piece of a broken heart at me and leaves. 

"I'm a whore. I don't deserve him." 

I look away from it. Putting my hand above it. It breaks into a million pieces. I don't leave. I just walk around letting my anger out on whatever is in my way. I burn things to crisps. I just cry because I don't deserve Zayn. I don't deserve my life. I cut my own self. Deep. I sit there. I can't fight by him tomorrow. No one comes to find me. The whole castle remains silent. It's eerily quiet. But I don't really care anymore. 

"Erin?", Alexandru asks. 


He walks to me. It healed because I healed it. 

"What's wrong?" 

"Zayn finally left me. He finally had enough of me. If I don't fight tomorrow he won't notice. I-I can't do this anymore. I can't keep portending that I'm happy." 

He hugs me. I hug back, but soon step away. I leave the room. There's Zayn standing in front of me. 

"I'm leaving", I whisper. 


I nod and don't turn back. He doesn't stop me as I leave. No one stops me. 

"Erin", Zayn whispers. 

"What?", I retort. 

"Don't ever come back." 

"I pulled away from the-" 

"I don't care. I know you'll die if you try t-" 

I kiss him softly and then hug him. 


But he doesn't let me go. He holds me, and he lets the door close. I wrap my legs around him. He holds me close. Kissing my head. 

"I never meant to hurt you, Zayn. I don't want them. I'm a whore for letting them kiss me like that. After this war. If I make it, I'll leave. I will leave and never come back." 

"Don't leave me, Erin. I love you too much for that." 

I nod and he carries me to the meadow. We sit there basking in the sunlight. The last day we'll be alive. We're not gonna win this war. We'll lose and it'll be my fault. I lay on him. 

"I'm glade you haven't died or been murdered. I need you." 

"So am i." 

We intertwine our fingers and I look at him, he's asleep. Suddenly I'm pulled back. I see Vladimir and I gasp as he snaps my neck. 

•Zayn's POV•

I shouldn't have fallen asleep. I shouldn't have taken my eyes off of her. There she is. In her pool of blood. She can't be gone. I wail and hit the ground. She won't recover in a day. Alexander, Louis, Harry and Alexandru all come running. Anderson, Luke, and Mark join. 


"I shut my eyes for a moment, and Vladimir snapped her neck!" 

I hold her. She looks happy. She's been in so much pain her whole life. I've hurt her so much. Louis and Harry try but it's no good. I wipe her arm and there in her blood is written "disgrace". Her black hair looks dull. Her blue eyes have fear over taking them. We bring her in. Lay her in a bed. We don't close her eyes. I kiss her hand and sit here. Next to my princess. I remember her twelfth birthday. Niall had taken her away. He caused her to have seizures and go into a coma for a week. 

"Just surrender. We can't win." 

"N-no she's stronger than anyone. She'll wake up." 

"You know what happens when a neck gets snapped." 

"N-no. I can't wait anymore." 

A scream erupts from her. She jolts up. She hugs me and me only. 

"You're alive", I whisper. 

"I am." 

She gets up. Stretching herself out.  

"Zayn, I'm going to die tomorrow. We all know it. Don't look for me when I come back. Don't think of me. Find someone else." 


She kisses me softly. No one was in here but us. 

"I'll never live. You've kept me alive. But Zayn. I can't do this anymore. I love you too much to hurt you. Please don't save me or find me." 

"I'll find you and never let you go." 

She looks at me. Leaving me. I grab her harshly. She cries but I don't care anymore I don't care if I hurt her. 

"Zayn", she whispers. 

"I've believed in you my whole life. But you're too damn scared to ever fight. I don't want you to save us. I want you to watch us die. To see what I've experienced. I never want to see you again." 

"I love you, Zayn." 

"I don't care anymore." 

Tears spring in her eyes. She opens her mouth but a squeak comes out. She nods and runs out. I run after her. She's in a fetal position I've seen so many times. She wipes her eyes. I can't watch this. No one is around. 

"I'm a mistake. I was never meant to be loved and he proved it. I'll purposely die tomorrow. Just so I know he doesn't love me", her thoughts say. 


She looks at me. 

"Fuck you." 

I pull her to me, and hold her. She cries. 


•Erin's POV•

My heart pounds in my chest, thousands of Vampires are with us. Less than Vladimir. 

"We won't do this unless you let me kill her", my father says. 


I put up the shield. People go to attack us. But it doesn't work. Vladimir breaks it. But it doesn't affect me. I go running in, and attack him. He's gained more powers in the last week. I throw everything I have. He has people surround me. Who grab onto me, I look at the ground not wanting to face him. He makes me, and I try pulling away. 

"Give up, Erin. It's useless." 


They all going flying and I kick him off the ground, he shakes his head. He goes to attack me, but I beat him to it. Zayn looks towards me, seeing I'm still alive. Most of his men have been knocked down. I let the elements shoot from my hand. So vines entrap him. While I'm here he can't control Earth. 

"Let me go, Erin." 


People try to attack me but I push them away. Michael suddenly grabs me. I push him off. He goes flying. I fight the people who come at me. 

"Erin, run!", Alexandru yells. 

I dash away. Vladimir got out. He grabs me and slams me into the ground by my neck. I gasp. Trying to fling him off. But I when I did I was soon forced to the ground. 

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