Survival [Zayn Malik]

She was innocent, untainted by vampires society. Even after being sold to a rich Vampire. He kept her safe, but he's in love with a meer mortal. What will he do to keep her innocent, and vampire?


6. Six

•Erin's POV•


I don't exactly know when I had woken up. But I was in chains. In a dungeon. My eyes adjusted to dim light protruding from the window. I look around at the dingy old room. Obviously here for centuries. I try burning the chains but it zaps me causing me to yelp. Three figures came down. One is Niall, the other Michael, and the last must be someone else. One more comes down and the lights turn on. I shut my eyes for a moment. The third is another man. Looking to be twenty. But the one at the light must be my father. 

"You look just like your mother", he spat. 

I understand he hates her. But to insult me? I look nothing like that witch. I don't speak as he comes closer. Pushing the boy into me. He falls in front of me. He has hazel eyes and brown hair. 

"This is Vladimir. He is your husband." 

Niall smirks because he knows Zayn won't be able to find me. Michael just stands there. He doesn't see that I'm in pain. His eyes focus on me. Vladimir unlocks the chains and my arms fall. He helps me up and brings me up the steps. When I look up I see a different styled home then in England. 

"We're in Romania." 

I don't speak. Until I'm slammed against the stone wall. 

"I didn't ask to be married to you. Frankly I'm forced to because he doesn't want you to save the world. I know you have a soul mate you love. I know you have a crush on a stupid boy." 

"You don't know a thing about me!" 

I grab his arm and burn him. He screams and Niall comes up. Flames combust from my hands. My eyes widen in shock. Niall doesn't move. As he tried to freeze me but I throw flames at him. Making him burn. While moving the flame to one hand I open the door to the front of the castle and run making a line of fire at the entrance. I run at full. Vampire speed. My eyes widen as I see Zayn. He catches me. 


I hold onto him. Not wanting him to let go. That's when Vladimir, Niall, Michael and my father come over. I hide behind Zayn. Niall glares. 

"Who is he, Niall?" 

"I'm her soulmate. The one she was kidnapped from. I changed her so she belongs to me!" 

Vladimir looks at me but it doesn't effect me like Zayn does. 

Zayn's way too protective.

"You don't get it, Erin. When a Vampire changes a human whether soul mate or not they belong to them. Alexander belongs to me, even though Michael is his son he belongs to me, Harry belongs to Zayn, and Vladimir belongs to your father", Niall states.

"With that, she can't marry Vladimir. Because it's my choice." 

Suddenly I'm on the ground. Vladimir is on top of me. He bares his canines. I let the fire erupt from my palm again and he flinches. I keep it pointed at the four. Vladimir isn't ugly. But he can't treat me like this. The authorities aka police can't arrest Vampires. 

"How'd you do that?" 

"I don't know." 

Suddenly Louis, and Harry were there. Liam is with them. Alexander is with us. 

We were in a giant field. My hand keeps the flame going. But I'm thrown down, and Liam's on top of me as the other eight fight. 

"Get off of me!" 

He's pinned my hands down so I can't call on wind, fire, water, or earth. Spirit can't help me in is situation. 

"You have every power in the world known to Vampires and you can't figure out how to beat me?" 

My hands connect to the grass, and I think of it pushing him off of me. It does just that. He flies ten feet off the ground, and lands on his back. I see Zayn, and Vladimir fighting. Then there's Alexander and Niall lying on the ground. I run to Alexander. Niall tries to get up. But I use wind to throw him back like Liam. Unable to move. 

"You can't be helping me." 

"I need to, whether we are together or not."

 I see the gash in his leg. I want to puke but I put my hand just above it and he heals. He looks at me. I smile at him. Alexander is out of fighting. Michael is flung back by Harry. In the same spot. They're too hurt to move. Harry runs over to me. 

"Harry watch Alex, please." 

"Of course." 

He sits with Alex. The other two push Vladimir, and my father away. I stand in front and a shield goes around the five of us. Showing a purple colour. They try getting past me. Zayn grabs my hips. 

"Let us fight." 

"No, Vladimir will kill you." 

"You can't protect us like this." 

Vladimir attacks the shield and it breaks. I fall back. I can't think. Everything stopped. The fighting, just everything. Harry and Alexander run over. I hear distant yelling for them to continue. Harry looks at me. I see my father defeated by Louis as he runs over to us. His and Harry's hands are above my body. My hearing becomes better and I sit up. I see Zayn on the edge. 

"I'm fine. Just give me space. Zayn move!" 

He does. 

"Water come to me." 

I can smell the ocean. A ball of it levitates above my hand. I get up and walk over to Vladimir. But he does something I didn't expect. Vines grab my wrists. 

"Water knock him down at full force." 

It sprays at him. But he stays stable. Soon my body from my neck down is covered in vines. I can't move. He tightens them and I fall. I failed. I don't want to hurt the earth. I have a stronger affinity for it. 

"Earth, please. You know who I am and how I use you. I treat you with respect. Unwrap me and attack Vladimir."

They wrap around his ankles but he does what I did to Liam. I fall. But I get back up and do something I never thought I could. I made light form from my hands. It was insanely bright. I don't mind it. I see little balls of fire in it. I fling it at Vladimir. But he gets back up. I see a pond. I morph the water, until it's a perfect sphere. I fling it at him. He finally knocks down. But the five of them get up. The four stand around me. I feel so weak. Vladimir is the strongest one there. I stand in front of the boys. We both blast light from each other's hands. His is a bright green, and mine a dark purple. His pushed more toward me. 

"I can't hold him off!" 

I push the light and it hits. Vladimir. I fall into Louis and he catches me. Vladimir falls down too. He uses his power and lifts me up. I'm face to face with him. 

"I'll come for you when you least expect it. I will make you my bride." 

I'm thrown into the ground and he's knocked out. Zayn picks me up and I look at him. My eyes start to close and I'm out. 


I wake up again in the hospital wing of Zayn's castle. He's there asleep. Alexander is also here watching TV. Harry and Louis are the healers for him. They walk in and look at me. 

"How long have have I been out?"

"About a week. You saved us all. It's just the start. We need to train you, so you're strong enough to fight their forces." 

"I won't be the only one, fighting right? Tell me there's more than the five of us." 

"Erin. I promise you there is. They've sworn an oath, and if they break it they're going to die." 

They help me up, and Harry hands me a blood bag. I drink it. Louis throws it away. 

"What we want to know. Is how you manipulated your powers to make the light and to get then to form in your hand." 

"I don't know. It just happened. It took a lot out of me." 

They took me into the gym I was never allowed in. Three more women who were vampires walked up. Other guys too. I was thrown training clothes. I left my combat boots on as I changed into tight fitting clothes. I walk out and Zayn whistles at me. I smile. The others leave. Except Harry and Alexander. I stand in the gym with Zayn. 

"Attack me." 

I slip my leg under him. He gets knocked down. 

"What the fuck", he said. 

"My dad trained me before he left", I say. 

I help him up, and he kisses me. 

"Well then your a bigger fighter than I thought." 

He goes to bend my arm back but I beat him to it, and slam him into the ground. He smiles up at me. We continue training. He teaches me new things. Which I ace fast. He's impressed. Then he brings people in to test my powers. Who teach me techniques so I don't become weak. I also ace them fast. Like for the elements I need to focus from the element not me. I've learned other things. They said my father is preparing for physical combat. Soon I mastered everything. Zayn was happy. 

Because it wouldn't take weeks. I'll be ready. Zayn I continued physical combat. I kept beating him. He's the best out of all the Vampires cause that's what his powers focus in. Just as I drop kick him, I'm pushed down. Vladimir. The attacks will get worse until the war in a few months. We start fighting physically. Which I beat him. But he's got me pinned. 

"I always get what I want. Which is you. Stop fighting." 


That's when our powers come into the picture. He does the same thing with the light. Mine slams him into the wall. He comes back and he fights with elements. But I know the weakness to earth. I attack with with fire and it burns all his attacks out. Then he pounces on me. 

"You cannot beat me!" 

"Well I am!" 

He goes to punch me but I dodge it and punch him in the face, and stomach, and knock him down. 

"Leave", I say. 

 He's gone and Zayn's hugging me. 

"You did great!" 

I fall. 

"What did he do to you?" 

"I think I've had enough fighting." 

He carries me to the library, having Alex follow us. He puts me down. There's a trash can in front of me. I puke. I feel… sick? 

Harry and Louis walk in. 

"She needs blood. She hasn't had enough. It happened to you too Zayn." 

"Go, and hurry." 

They're back fast and Harry rips one open giving it to me. I push it away. Zayn sits me in his lap. Forcing me to drink. I do, and they keep feeding me. I hate it. I wipe my mouth and those three leave to go talk. Alexander has me sit next to him. 

"You really are going to save us." 

"How am I? They'll kill me before I can." 

"Vladimir is their strongest. Did you forget I've heard their plans? You beat HIM." 

I smile at him. 

"You've got blood on your lip", Alexander says. 

He wipes it off. I giggle. The three come back. Zayn pulls me to him. His arm around my waist. He tickles me. I giggle and he smiles. We leave and he brings us to his room. Once we get in, he kisses me. I kiss back. It's felt like we've never kissed. I turn seventeen in two days. 

"Happy early birthday baby." 

His hands grab the hem of my shirt. I put my hands on his chest. Am I ready for this? He pulls it off, and kisses my neck leaving his love bites. I moan. He smiles against my skin. I feel his bulge in his tight jeans. He kisses me again and walks me to our bed. 

"We can't Zayn." 


He gets off of me. I look sorrily at him. He traces patterns on my arm. Kissing my head. I smile at him. 

"I'm going to shower." 

I get up. Not bothering to grab clothes. I shut and lock the door. I start the water, and undress quickly. I look at myself. I'm not that girl I was a month ago. I'm so much more. I step in and wash and condition my hair, shave, and wash my body. I shut off the water and wrap a towel around my hair, and body. Throwing my clothes down the laundry shoot. I walk out and Zayn looks at me. I smile at him. Going through my closet. I get my clothes and go change in the bathroom. I put on a black long sleeved crop top, black ripped skinny jeans, combat boots, then I brush through my hair, and put It in a braid/ponytail, and do my makeup. I walk out and Zayn is gone. And I'm standing face to face win my brother...

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