Survival [Zayn Malik]

She was innocent, untainted by vampires society. Even after being sold to a rich Vampire. He kept her safe, but he's in love with a meer mortal. What will he do to keep her innocent, and vampire?


7. Seven

•Erin's POV•

I glare at him, as he makes his way closer to me. He's pushed me up against the wall.


"You should come with us."

"No, Michael. I'd rather stay here. To learn my family is evil I'm glad my mother sold me."


Michael's hands were above my head. His eyes turned red, and I yelped ducking under his left arm and running out the door. I've always been scared of Michael and to learn he's my brother makes it worse. I run towards the stairs and I get caught by Vladimir. I kick him down the stairs. I run towards the library. There's Zayn and Alexander talking. I run towards Zayn. He's surprised. But then sees the two walking in. Two more are behind them. Alexander and Zayn go to defend me. But soon we're out in a clearing in the woods. I face Vladimir, Zayn against Michael, Alexander against both of the others on their side. I won't lose to Vladimir. He goes to kick me but I jump over him and knock him down from behind. 

"You won't keep winning."


I call air to to me and it throws his off. I face the other three and they go flying too. I then put a shield around us. They try to attack and break it. Suddenly I'm knocked down. I let fire come out of my hand and throw it at him. They all surrounded me. I see Zayn and Alexander knocked out. I kick the other down. It's just Michael, Vladimir and I. I attack them with the light that I can produce. Vladimir's green light attacks me. Michael tries to attack me. 

"Earth, please do me a favor and knock Michael off his feet. Trap the three in vines." 

Suddenly it does. I smile and keep my ground. We both stop and he tries using Earth against me. I use air to make a tornado around me. So he can't catch me. He flies up and I look at him shocked. He pounces on me. 

"Get off me!"


Suddenly Niall is there. So is Harry and Louis healing Zayn and Alexander. Once they get up the four come over to me. I can't move. Niall stands in front of me. 

"Chad, and Eric come here." 

Then he sees they're tied up. Along win Michael. I smirk at him. Once Vladimir is distracted I knock him down off of me. And run towards the others. Liam appears and grabs me. I try to burn him but he puts those cuffs on me that stop my powers.


"Got ya." 

"Get off of me!"


I kick him, and he lets go. Alexander helps me get out of them. I run and put them on Vladimir. He turns to me. 

"Get them off of me, Erin."


"No, Vladimir", I smirk.


The one named Chad grabs me. 

"Tell her what you told the world, Zayn." 

"I told them I'm alive." 

I look at him. Chad grabs my hair in a pony tail. I yelp and Zayn goes to attack. I'm up against his chest.


"Well aren't you precious." 


try pulling away but he just pulls my hair back. My eyes water. Vladimir walks up to me. He smiles. I see Liam has Zayn, Michael has Alexander, Niall has Louis, Eric has Harry. Zayn can't fight Liam at the moment. I scratch Chad's arm that's wrapped around my abdomen. He doesn't let go. Vladimir has him let me go.


"Looks like we're stronger."


"You won't win this war." 

"Oh really. Cause if you don't want your soulmate to die, I think you'll marry me."



I see Liam start to go to stab him. I push Liam off, and Zayn hugs me. Vladimir looks at me. He goes to attack Zayn but I zap him away. I go to full on attack him. But Chad grabs me again. But I burn him. Liam brings me down on my knees. A knife in his hand. I close my eyes. Vladimir bends down to my level

"Open your eyes."


I look at him.


"Come with me and this'll stop." 


He hits me. I see Zayn to go attack but Vladimir makes the Earth trip him. I keep from crying from the stinging in my cheek. 

"Do it or we'll kill Alexander, Zayn, Louis and Harry."




He smiles and Liam lets go of me. I cry as he lifts me up. But soon he drops me so Zayn can say goodbye. 

"Why did you agree?"


"Cause I can't let you all die because I was being stubborn. We won't marry till after the war", I say in his ear. 

He nods and smiles at me. Kissing me. I smile into the kiss before I'm being dragged away. Soon we're in Niall's castle. Liam, Niall and Vladimir walk with me to the room. I'm pushed in and the three stand there.


"You'll fight for us. If you don't I won't hesitate to kill you", Liam says. 

I nod, and he leaves.

Vladimir leaves along with him. Niall pushes me to the wall. I look at his blue eyes. He smirks as he looks down at me. His hands graze my sides. 

"I've waited so long for this. It may not be me, but Zayn can never have you." 

"Don't hold your breath."


His face gets close to me. His hands to to either side of my hand. He smirks before he kisses me. I try pushing him off. I can't deny he's attractive. But I won't just go kissing people. Niall grabs my wrists in one hand.


"I've waited for this for years."


He leaves and I fall to the ground. My head goes to my hands. I can't keep this up. 




I woke up on the ground. With a blanket on me. I bring my legs up. Trying to fall back asleep. I see Vladimir asleep on the bed. My heart sinks as I remember the previous day. All I can think about is Zayn. He's the reason I don't want to fight to rule the world. Arms wrap around me and I squirm to get out of them. 

"Stop", he whispers. 

I see Zayn. Vladimir is still asleep. We go to the bathroom. I shut the door quietly. Zayn hugs me. My tears fall on his shirt. He kisses my head. I smile and pull away. Wiping my eyes.


"You'll agree to be engaged with him. Okay? You'll go to the war with them. But then you'll run to us okay?"




"I'm going to go, love." 

He hands me a necklace. I smile and take it before I kiss him. He's then gone. I look at the necklace. It's a diamond heart. I smile at it. Stuffing it in my pocket. Vladimir comes in the bathroom. He throws clothes and things at me. 

"Shower and come downstairs."


I nod. Turning the water on and stripping from my clothes. I step in and wash and condition my hair. I shave my legs and under arms. I wrap a towel around me. I grab the blow dryer and turn it on. Drying my hair so it becomes curly. I braid it in a water fall braid. Then I slip on the dark blue dress, and heels. I do my makeup. I put my clothes in the hamper. Taking the necklace out. I straighten my clothes before walking out the door. I make my way towards the stairs. But I stop when I hear Niall and Liam talking.


"Vladimir will kill Erin. I don't care of you don't want Zayn to be happy. I want her to be able to live. She shouldn't have to die", Liam says.


"I know, Liam. He's going to be living in my castle. You really think she's going to marry him after the war?" 



They walk down the steps. I follow soon after. My heels making noise as I walk down them. God I hate this outfit. I hate dresses and heels. The boys look at me as I come down. Vladimir smiles at me. He takes my hand. 

"You're going to that human school with your friends. You're going in this outfit. Since there is no dress code. Alexander will drive you." 

I see Alex.

He smiles at me. I nod and walk to him. He doesn't touch me. He points for me to sit in the back. There's Zayn. I get in and hug him. Alexander smiles as we're off to school. Niall's castle is closer. Zayn looks to see of I have the necklace. I nod and he helps me put it on. He hugs me. 

"Why are you dressed like this?"


"He's forcing me to."


"Don't let anyone touch you." 

I nod, and he kisses me softly.

Alexander and I get out. Zayn takes the driver seat and leaves. Anderson, Mark, and Luke see us. They all hug me. 

"What the hell are you wearing?", Anderson asks.


Alexander pushes the five of us to a corner.


"I'm being forced into a marriage with this Romanian guy. We have a war in a couple months. I'm not actually going to marry him. But he's forcing me to wear clothes like this." 

"So Zayn's not dead?" 


They nod and Mark stays by my side. Alexander does too. 

But when students try to open the door we say it says schools closed. I look at them. Suddenly I'm on the ground. I see Vladimir. Alexander pushes Mark, Anderson, and Luke away. The whole school looks at us. He attacks me with his powers. I zap him with the light and he falls. I hear noises from the crowd. He knows I can't fight like this. I take the heels off and kick him in the stomach. I sit on his back and twist his arms back. 

"Get off of me, you stupid whore."


"No, now I won't."

 His bones start to crack. He flings me off. I land on the pavement. I groan. Vladimir leaves. I can't get up. Alexander rushes over.


"Erin, are you okay?" 

"No, I can't move." 

Anderson, Luke and Mark rush over as kids get let in the school.


"Was that him?"


"Yeah, go into the school. I really don't want to hurt you guys." 


I call the elements to me in my head for it to heal me. They do and I sit up. Mark hands me my heels. I thank him. I'm pulled up. Alexander walks inside with the other three. I turn to see Vladimir. His hazel eyes glare at me as he drags me towards a car. I sit in the passenger seat next to him as we head off to Niall's castle. When we pull in he leaves the car. Liam comes out to get me. But instead of going in he walks me out to a beautiful garden. I gasp when I see it. Flowers blooming and fruits and vegetables.


"What do you want, Liam?"


"To let you go. But Vladimir is having an engagement party tonight. I have to get you ready for it. Along with someone else." 

We go inside and up to a huge dressing room. I gasp, but he puts me down in a chair. A woman comes in and has makeup, and hair products.  I just sit as she brushes through my hair, and redoes it. She then takes makeup remover, and wipes off the makeup I did today. I sit and watch. What is he doing to me? Once she's done, Liam comes back with a long black gown and black pumps. I groan mentally as he hands me them and walks out of the room. The woman helps me into the dress. I look at myself in the full length mirror. She slips on the heels for me. What am I doing? Why did I say yes? I'm only sixteen. He must be at least two thousand years old.


"Actually two thousand one hundred years old, my dear." 

"I hate you."


"Why? Because I'm making you wear things you don't like? Get used to it." 

He's still taller than me. But at least I'm not that much shorter than him. He's in a tux, and looks clean. I push him off of me. 

"That's no way to treat your husband." 

"I'm being forced into this. There's no way I want to marry you."


He grabs my wrist, and I flinch. He smirks as a bruise starts to form. I'm not a weak human anymore. If he treats me like one he'll be sorry. He takes my hand and we walk towards the stairs. I look down to see Zayn, and Alexander. Zayn smiles at me when he sees the necklace is still on. I also see Mark, Anderson, and Luke's families here. Veronica's is too. She doesn't look at me. I see people dancing.


"Go and mingle, I'll be back." 

I nod and walk over towards Zayn. I hug him, and Alexander smiles at me. My friends come over to us as well.


"You look beautiful", Zayn says causing me to blush.


This whole thing is ridiculous. I see Anderson and Luke holding hands. 

"I don't want to wear these clothes, I don't want to marry him."


"You won't, Erin." 

I smile at him, and he caresses my face. Soon I was turned around and I face Vladimir. He brings my arm up, and suddenly another hand was on my right arm. Zayn was looking at my bruise. He pushed me behind him. I looked at Alexander.


"You don't hurt her. She never does anything wrong."


"Give me my fiancé back."


I push Zayn aside lightly. He looks at me. I look down. Vladimir takes my hand and we walk away. To marry this jerk will be hell. He takes me to the front of the room. People turn our way. His arm is around my waist. 

"We've gone over this a bunch of times. Pretend to be happy when I propose."


He lets go of me and gets down on one knee. My hands go to my mouth to pretend to gasp. I fake a smile as the words come out of his mouth. 

"Erin, will you be my wife?" 

"Yes!", I yell faking happiness. 

He puts the ring on my finger. He stands up and kisses me. Everyone goes back to dancing. He brings me back to the stairs where I sit. Zayn and Alexander join me. 

"Nice way of faking it", Alexander laughs. 

I look sadly at him. He then realizes it isn't fake. That I have to do this or I'll die. Zayn holds my hand. I go and heal the bruise. But it wouldn't heal. I look at Zayn. He gets Harry and Louis. Trying to get the bruise to heal. It finally did. After waiting and waiting.


"Run fast", Zayn whispers.


I nod and kiss his cheek. Vladimir comes back. He makes me come up. We go and dance. Waltzing. I don't want to look at him. Once the music ends we go to a different room. He pushes me to a wall, and caresses my cheek. 

"I hate you", I whisper. 

"Fine, hate me."


He kisses me and I put my hands on his chest. He holds my face in his hands. He knows I'm forcing myself to kiss back. Someone clears their throat. We turn to see Zayn. He knows I'm trying to push him off. 

"She doesn't like that, Vladimir."


"I don't care. She's marrying me."  


look at Zayn. His eyes make me melt. He knows I won't go through with it. Before I know it the night is over and I'm asleep. 

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