Survival [Zayn Malik]

She was innocent, untainted by vampires society. Even after being sold to a rich Vampire. He kept her safe, but he's in love with a meer mortal. What will he do to keep her innocent, and vampire?


5. Five

•Erin's POV

I woke up to Alexander snoring. Something made my heart hurt. I got up, and sauntered over to Zayn's room. There he was, with his head in hands. He looks so depressed. I look down. Realizing I caused this. I caused his pain. He balled his fist. The small crack in the door shown me his topless self. his tanned back. Tattoos I have never seen before. His muscles tense for a moment. Then he starts to move, I go back to Alexander's room. Laying next to him. My eyes close. The door creaks open. Causing the both of us to 'wake up'. I rub my eyes pretending to get sleep out of my eyes. But Zayn knows I wasn't asleep. I smile sheepishly. No one knows he's alive. Except very few. I get up and head towards his room where my clothes are. Zayn follows closely behind with his hands on my waist. I continue to walk in the room when Zayn pushed me against the wall. With the door shut. What is he doing? He looks down at my arm which he broke. 

I saw the glossy look in his eyes. I pull away from him harshly. He glares at me as I go to my clothes. I have no intention on staying in the castle all day. Before I could bend down to reach for my combat boots, hands pulled me to their chest. Knowing it was Zayn, I elbowed him hard. 

"Fuck!", it was Liam. 

I grab my boots, and race into the bathroom. Locking the door, and letting the clothes fall to the floor. 

"Open the door."

"No, Liam."

Quickly I put on the blue shirt, ripped skinny jeans, bracelets, combat boots, and makeup. Then, I curled my hair. The myth that Vampires aren't seen in mirrors is strictly fiction.  That's when Liam was beside me smirking. My cast was fastened around my neck. 

"Wow, Zayn must've really hurt his angel", he smirks pushing me to a wall. 

My breathing got worse. He smiles and kisses my collar bone. I sigh. He then bites me. I gasp, as he pulls away letting it bleed. I grab toilet paper to stop the bleeding. Liam stands there, against the doorframe. I look away while pushing past him. But he grabs my wrist. I try looking for Zayn but he's no where in sight. Soon Liam had me pulled into his chest. 

"I know where your dad had run off to."

"Fuck you Liam. You're just gonna lock me up. So, no. I don't believe you."

"He has another kid. One who's working with me, and Niall", Liam whispers.


"Oh you're smart."

I gulped. He's my step brother? I look at Liam. Zayn isn't in the room. The castle seems empty. Before I could say I wanted to leave I was in Liam's car. Michael, and Niall in the back seat. 

"Where's Alexander and Zayn?"


Niall was smirking at me. Michael moved to the front seat. While I had to deal with Niall. I sat in silence. Thinking of what to say to him when I saw him. It's not fair that my number one bully is my half-brother. Niall had put his hand on my thigh. Making frost start to form. I glare at him, but he lets it travel up and down my leg. I push his hand away. That's when we stop at an empty field, and I'm knocked out. 

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