Survival [Zayn Malik]

She was innocent, untainted by vampires society. Even after being sold to a rich Vampire. He kept her safe, but he's in love with a meer mortal. What will he do to keep her innocent, and vampire?


11. Eleven

•Erin's POV•


My mind wasn't processing the situation. I hold onto everything I have, flinging the boy off. I see my father on the ground. No one on our side has died or been hurt. I let the flames erupt from deep within me. I fling it at him. Causing him to incinerate some clothing. He screams. 

"I will not die again! I will not let every single human die because you can't get what you want!" 

I kick him hard. He looks dead. But isn't. He goes to grab me but I step on his wrist. In a matter of three hours their losing. Suddenly I fall. Coughing. Zayn falls as well. I gasp, as of I'm being chocked. Michael is looking down at me. 

Zayn looks at me. It stops. Everything slows. Zayn gets up and fights. As Vladimir is lying dead across from me. I can't move. Harry and Louis pull me up. 


I look blankly at them. They heal me but it only caused me to get knocked out.


I woke up. On a cot in a tent. Zayn wasn't here. But Louis and Harry were taking care of me. My eyes adjust and I sit up. Harry looks at me. 

"Erin. You need to get out there. Now." 

I run out. Alexander and Alexandru are fighting with the others. Suddenly I'm on the ground. Having Liam pin me down so I can't move. His brown eyes are now red. He tries to stab me. But I don't let him. I burn him. But it backfires. I scream. Liam pushes my wrist to the ground. It feels as if my insides are burning. Liam soon falls next to me. His neck snapped. 

Alexandru is there. He looks at me and hides me. Alexander runs over. There I literally two left on Vladimirs side. Including him. Who was dead. 

"He's been taking everyone's powers. He can kill you." 

The two protect me. I put a shield around Zayn. He looks at me. I walk over as we observe Vladimir. He was dead. I watched him die. He looks at me. His teeth barred. The shield falls and so do I. Before Zayn can stop him. Vladimir is on me. Trapping me under him. 

"Surrender, slut." 

"No, I will not!" 

He bites down on my wrist. I scream. Zayn pulls him off. I shoot him with the light and he dies. Zayn runs to me. Helping me up. I hug him. Causing him to cry. 

"You didn't die. Thank god."

"Do you want me to leave?" 


I kiss him hard. He holds me so close to him. I hear awes. But I don't let go of him.

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