Survival [Zayn Malik]

She was innocent, untainted by vampires society. Even after being sold to a rich Vampire. He kept her safe, but he's in love with a meer mortal. What will he do to keep her innocent, and vampire?


8. Eight

•Erin's POV•

I wake up to Vladimir's arms around me. I sigh and lay there. He's forbidden me from school. My friends can visit me. But I'm not finishing school. Alexander stays here so he can watch me. Vladimir pulled me close, and turned me so I face him. He kisses me. I kiss back unwillingly. Knowing he'd do something if I didn't. His tongue runs against my bottom lip. I push him away then he pulls me to him. Kissing my neck. I gasp as he starts to leave love bites. He smirks against my skin as I stiffen. 

His hand went up my baggy shirt. I pull away from him and off the bed. I haven't had any blood. And honestly I don't want it. I'm not in need of it. He wraps his arms around me. I look at my jean shorts and the big white shirt. I take his arms from around me. I leave the room. He lets me. I scoff as I wonder the castle barefoot. I look at the passing slaves and servants.


"Excuse me", I say to a younger girl probably fourteen. 

"Do you know where Alexander's room is?"


"Go down the hall, take a left, and it's the second door on the right." 

"Thanks, love." 

She smiles at me and leaves. I follow her directions. But I run into a chest. I look up and see Liam. He smirks at me and backs me into a wall. I gasp as he makes my shirt go up. Reveling my skinny body. He licks his lips before pressing his lips to mine, and putting the shirt down. He pushes me into the room behind me. I try pushing him off. He them bites into my skin. I moan. I shouldn't feel this overwhelming desire but I do. He leaves marks there. 

"You better run when we have that war. Because Vladimir will kill you."


"Why are you helping me, Liam?" 


Because I'm tired of having Niall kill you. Zayn doesn't deserve it." 

"Thank you." 

He leads me to Alexander's room. I knock on the door, and he looks at me. He touches the fresh hickeys. I push him in the room. I hug my body. He hugs me tightly.


"I can't do this. He's making me someone I'm not." 

"You know the plan", he whispers. 

I nod. Alexander kisses me softly. I wrap my arms around him. I have become a whore. But really I don't care anymore. Not every girl can kiss her crush. He pulls me closer. Making me gasp as his hands slip in my back pockets. The door opens and I pull away. Vladimir looks pissed. He drags me put and throws me into the wall.  He runs his nail deep across my arm. I gasp as pain shoots throughout body. 

"What's that plan Alexander was talking about." 

"You're not getting it out of me."


One of the nurses walked our way. He's going to fake it. 

"She needs stitches!", he gasped. 

She looks down at me and drags me to the infirmary. She stitches my arm. Then she gets close to me. 

"I hope you die."


She walks off. I race out to outside the castle. I smile as I walk around the grounds. It's beautiful out here. Snow starts to sprinkle down making a soft blanket of snow. I sit down on a stone bench and look at the passing people. I used to think winter was cold but I don't feel a thing. Guards pass by without seeing me. I walk out the front gate. But I'm tackled to the ground. It's Niall. He has a bag in his hand.

He then pushes me into his car that pulled up next to us. I sit in the back. I see Zayn in the front seat and my mind is a whirlwind. Niall hands me the necklace I lost. I smile and take it. Alexander runs out and next to me. We then speed away silently. Alexander hands me my combat boots. I thank him as we drive off to a castle. Zayn's second one.

Which he showed me when I was twelve. 

I have a room there with identical clothes. We pull up and I'm snuck inside. With Niall and Alexander holding my things. Once we're inside we all begin to talk.


"Why did you do that? Vladimir will kill me!"


"No, he won't. He's under lock and key. He's been around since B.C.E same with us. But he was in jail for a long amount of time. He was taking Vampire girls and making them marry him. Then he'd kill them after he had completely changed them. We didn't know. Because you're the strongest female Vampire it was necessary for him to kill you." 

"I searched his name and nothing came up." 

"Because he's been changing his name for years. Only Vampires know." 

Zayn held my hand making me feel warm inside. Niall leaves and Alexander goes to a spare room.


"I'd never let him hurt you", he whispers.


"Thank god." 

He chuckles and kisses me. I pull him to me. His hands grab onto the bottom of my thighs and pull me up. I smile. Before I know it. The front doors slam open. We look at Vladimir. His eyes are a  bright red. He throws Zayn across the room, then comes to me. 

I look to see he has a knife. I whimper as he presses the blade to my neck.


"Now you know, Princess. But I don't want to kill you. I want to use you for my own fun."  

Vladimir is pulled off and the knife flies across the room. I pull them apart. 

They stop fighting. 

"Get this through your head whoever you are. You do not scare me. If you try to kill me, I'll rip your throat out. You will flee the country and never come back." 

"I'd rather die in battle then to let some stupid female boss me around."


I slap him hard and he backs off. 

"Get away from me." 

He leaves and Zayn hugs my waist. I smile and turn around. He kisses me and I laugh. We walk upstairs. With Zayn and  I holding hands. People run up the stairs, knocking us down. It's Anderson, Luke, and Mark. 

"Dude Vladimir is trying to kill us." 




"Because you left him." 

I run outside. He looks at me. I'm slammed into the cement. It cracks and I look at him. He has hazel eyes, but the knife still in his hands. I bring his face down and kiss him. Trying to get him to calm down. He relaxes, and kisses back.


"Will you please stop, Vladimir." 



Zayn pulls me to him quickly. I realize why Vladimir was killing those women. He doesn't have a soul mate and he's been trying to find her. He realizes I know. And looks sorrily at me. I smile at him as he leaves, and Zayn brings me inside.  We go to a big room. This castle is better built then his main one. He chuckles and kisses me roughly. He laughs as I gasp


"Keep it PG love birds", Anderson said pulling me away from Zayn.


He laughs and sits on a love seat. Anderson forces me down, when Alexander and Luke come in, I realize there's a big TV.  Zayn makes faces at me. I smile looking down. Anderson nudges me. Making me smile. I go and sit on Zayn. He laughs and wraps his around around me. Luke sits next to his boyfriend. I smile realizing that it's good their together. It's been three years. Since they were thirteen.


"I turned seventeen yesterday."


"That's right", Luke says quietly.


"Whatever. No one cares anyway."


Zayn stiffens. He always throws me parties. But he can't this year. He moves me off of him and leaves. I look down, realizing I hurt him. Alexander pushes me to go talk to him. I walk out and see him in the hall crying. It just keeps reminding me he raised me. Zayn cares about me more than anyone in the world. 

"I almost lost you before. I've saved your life, raised you, and loved you my whole life. I care." 

"I know, Zayn. I've loved you for four years. It's not as long but still."


He pulls me close to him, and kisses me. My heart races as his hands lay on my waist. He pulls me closer. I hear giggles and I smile. We pull away. Alexander winks, Anderson and Luke just smile at me.


"You two are ridiculous."


"Aww but you love me, Lukey!", I gush squishing him in a hug.

He pulls away. Suddenly the lights go out. My vision still isn't the best, and someone grabs me. There's two screams and the lights turn on. I see Luke and Anderson on the floor. I gasp as blood comes from them. 


I bend down and kneel beside them. Getting blood on my knees. Zayn and Alexander get down to. I just cry. Their eyes open and they're red. Anderson and Luke look at each other. Before they move away. No, no, no this can't happen.

"Why is he next to me?"


"He's your boyfriend", I whisper. 

"I'd never date a guy!", Luke says. 

I run away. My life, and friends are falling apart. Anderson and Luke walk out. Then they see me.



"Erin, we didn't mean to make you cry. We were kidding." 

"I thought you two were dead! God how could you act like you hate each other!" 

Anderson hugs me, and I feel bad for yelling at them. Zayn walks out with Alexander. 

"Do you want us to leave?"


"No, you can't."


Zayn looks and Vladimir is smirking with blood on his lip. Anderson looks hurt and Zayn leads them upstairs. Vladimir has me against him. I look at the blood, and pull away. But he kisses me, making me taste it. I try to pull away but his grip has tightened and made me sick. I burn his arm and he laughs. Zayn pulls me back. The room starts to get blurry. I fall down and Vladimir smirks. Alexander catches me. 

"what did you do?" 

"Nothing a witch can't make." 

He was gone. I fall to the ground. Puking. Zayn has Alexander get Harry and Louis. I'm carried to the infirmary and Zayn hands me a bucket. It stops. I lay back and Zayn holds my hand. They rush in with a bunch of other healers. 

"I talked to the witch. Vladimir is speeding your life."


"No, I can't die!" 

"She was forced to do it. But she gave me the antidote."


He gave it to me. The witch walked in. 

"Erin, I'm sorry. I didn't know. They need to keep you here. Drink it." 

"You're lying!", I yell. 

My mind is jumbled. 

"I promise you, I'm not. Drink it please. You need to save the world." 

Zayn makes me drink it. The witch smiles kindly. I get attached to an IV and lay there. Zayn lays in bed with me. Harry looks at me.


"It's working!", he cheers.


Zayn kisses my head. 

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