Troublemaker. This is the only word you would use to describe Ash. Ash is loved by teens, but hated by adults because of her troublesome ways. But what happens when she meets Niall.. Will she change? Will Niall change? Will the two find love in all the drama? Read to find out!


1. New School

Ash's POV

Beep, beep, BEEP my alarm clock went, I hit the button! "Ugh, I'm up" I hate waking up in the morning, Especially on school days! The only thing I like about school is my friends. So I got out of my super comfy bed and walked to the bathroom, and turned on the shower. I stripped down and went in the shower. After my shower, I brushed my blackish brownish hair, and put it into a messy bun. Then I went to my room and put on my skinny jeans, my favorite band Paramore shirt and my black leather jacket. I then took out my makeup kit and applied some sparkly gold eyeshadow, black liner, and some red lipstick. Nothing to much I was feeling lazy today. I then went downstairs and ate some breakfast.

"Hi honey" my mother said.

"Hey mom" I replied. Just then my drunken stepfather walked in. I decided to try in run out. I was almost out when my father said where are you going. I said I'm going to school. Not before..... Just then my best friend Ava honked. I got to go bye.

"Hey" I said to Ava as I got in the passenger seat.

"Hey girl" she said while she backed out of the driveway.

"Did you hear?" Ava asked.

"Hear what?" I replied."

OMG you don't know ONE DIRECTION is coming to out school.

"So" I said.

"One direction the hottest boy band in the world Is coming to our school I don't think that just deserves and a so" Ava said.

"Whatever lets just got to school" I said.

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