Troublemaker. This is the only word you would use to describe Ash. Ash is loved by teens, but hated by adults because of her troublesome ways. But what happens when she meets Niall.. Will she change? Will Niall change? Will the two find love in all the drama? Read to find out!


2. Author's Note (Contest)

I am having a contest to see who would like to be in my story! I will need someone to be

-Harry's GF

-Louis's GF

-Zayn's GF ( if you want to be Zayn's GF you need to now u won't be in the story for a little bit)

-Ash's BFF

-Ash's Sister

To be any of this characters you must tell me something's about yourself like what's your hair color, eye color, are you tall or short, your age, and anything else important (etc)

You must also tell me anything about personality like are you nice, kind, evil, cruel, or anything else (etc).

And finally tell me anyone of you special skills like can you play the piano, do you dance,sing or anything else (etc).

To tell me your answers comment on this story.

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