Bad Boy

My eyes are closed but the barrel of the gun is nested on the back of my head. My heart is racing, pouncing against my chest. It was beating so loudly I was surprised he couldn't hear it. I hadn't even got to lay my eyes on him, the man that would consume my fait. He has my life in his hands, and he loved every second of it. He wanted me scared, but I was not going to cower, I couldn't let him have that satisfaction. My eyes stayed close, but I knew I had to force them open. If I was going to die, he would have to look into my eyes as I did. He had to feel the pain that I would. I turned around, and opened my eyes. My voice had left, and there he was starring right back at me.


13. You're Monsters

Louis was sitting by watching me, and I guessed that the rest of the guys were having another meeting.

"Louis what happened" I asked. But things were still pretty foggy, and blurry.

"You went to the hospital, but take it east please, you are going to be sore. You are on some morphine medication right now" He said.

"Louis what happened?" I continued.

"Brook" He said. He was making me look at him now, and he grabbed both of my hands.

"Louis.. please tell me" I begged.

"The baby didn't make it" He said. I  could tell he was genuinely sorry, he looked like he wanted to cry.

"No.. that isn't possible, it was fine this morning, you're lying to me" I said. I was shaking my head, trying to make sense of everything, I couldn't remember anything that happened.

I was trying so hard to remember what happened, searching my memories.

"It was Harry" I whispered.

I couldn't wait for Louis reply, before I knew what I was even doing, I was walking over to the stairs. My legs didn't seem like they wanted to work for me, I felt like I was practically walking on air.

I could see somewhat of the guys, and then I heard the gunshot. It startled me, and I lost my balance. I tripped down the last few stairs but when I looked up. They four boys were all starring at me.

I looked straight across from me, and the girl.. the girl that I risked my own life to save was laying on the dirt. I could see the bullet hole in the back of her head.

"Oh my god" I screamed almost crying.

I looked up, at all them, and there was Niall. He was looking at me in complete shock. I looked down, and there was the gun in his right hand.

This was the first time I had ever felt like this towards him. He was a monster Louis wasn't lying to me. I guess deep down I always knew it, I knew what he was, but I didn't want to believe it.

I didn't want to hear any excuses, I didn't want to hear a single word that was going to come from any of them. I started to run back up to the room. .

(Niall's Point Of View)

As soon as Brooklynn left the room, I took the hooker down stairs. I didn't want her in my room, I knew I would hurt her, I was so furious.

I wanted to hurt something. I couldn't breath and I was seeing red. Why would Brook risk her own safety for some slut, some girl that sleeps with random men, someone that is not even close to being as amazing as her. Why stick her neck out for someone she barely knew?

I punched the wall, I kept punching it until my fist felt numb with pain. I knew I had broken it, and I didn't have to feel the pain to know that.

I looked for something to rap it up with. I sat on my bed covering my ears. Harry was going to hurt her, he was going to torture her, and I couldn't do anything. I can never help anyone that I love. I let Jessica get hurt, and now I was letting Brook get hurt. I was letting Harry hurt her, I was letting Harry torture the girl that I was in love with. The worst part was I actually couldn't stop it.

I felt the tears starting to form, and they made me feel weak. Brooklynn was making me weak. She was making me soft, and I couldn't be that of all things. I couldn't do that right now, this was the most important thing of my life, pulling off this bank job. If we got away with it, everything would be perfect, and she is getting in the way of that.

I was full on crying now, I was hitting the sides of my head in frustration.

I heard the loud bang, and from my distance I couldn't tell if it was a gun shot, or something else.

When I got into the room, and saw her laying there on the ground my first instinct was to run over to her and help her. But I couldn't Harry would definitely suspect something then, he would know how I felt about her. If I wanted her to get out of here safe, I would have to start acting normal, I couldn't be all soft anymore, I had to be me.

Harry knocked her out, and then Louis started to punch her in the face, and at one point they even cut her forhead. I couldn't bare to watch, I told them I would go call one of out men on the outside to come get her. I could still hear every single punch that hit her face. My instinct almost took over me, I wanted to go in there and shoot them both between the eyes. I wanted to stop them, I wanted to protect her, but this was the only way we could get her to  a hospital in time.

When Louis carried her out of the room I couldn't even recognize her. Her face looked like it had swollen three times its normal appearance. It was covered in blood from the cut on her forhead, and it broke my heart. I had never felt this way about someone. I didn't even feel this way about Jess. My heart literally felt like it had been blown straight out of my chest. The feeling was almost indescribable. I just wanted to hold her. I stayed in my room the entire time she was gone. I couldn't sit or be still. I paced the room for two hours while she was gone.

She looked like she was dead already when she left, I couldn't even see her breathing. It scared me more than anything. I paced that room so many times, and sitting there wondering if she was still alive was what killed me the most.

I needed to know, if she was dead, I don't think I  could go on to be honest. That sounds a bit extreme even for me, but it was the truth, I couldn't live knowing that I let that happen to her, I didn't even put up a fight to save her.

----Hey guys, Author's Note! I would like to thank all of you so much for reading, and leaving all of the comments. Please keep leaving the comments, and let me know what you think about what is happening. Let me know what you want to happen, or you think should happen. And if you have the time could you check out some of my other books? I would appreciate it more than you would know!! Love you guys!!--------

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