Bad Boy

My eyes are closed but the barrel of the gun is nested on the back of my head. My heart is racing, pouncing against my chest. It was beating so loudly I was surprised he couldn't hear it. I hadn't even got to lay my eyes on him, the man that would consume my fait. He has my life in his hands, and he loved every second of it. He wanted me scared, but I was not going to cower, I couldn't let him have that satisfaction. My eyes stayed close, but I knew I had to force them open. If I was going to die, he would have to look into my eyes as I did. He had to feel the pain that I would. I turned around, and opened my eyes. My voice had left, and there he was starring right back at me.


12. Is It Over

"Harry..?" I asked. I was surprised I could even find my voice.

"What" He asked. He seemed pretty calm right now.

"Why do you this?" I asked.

"Do what?" He asked.

"How can you hurt people like this.. how can you cause someone so much pain...-" I asked. But he cut me off.

"Who are you to be asking me these questions.. you are here on my time now.. we do what I want!" He shouted. He went from calm to almost physco in seconds.

"I am sorry" I said. My courage was long gone now. He was still holding the gun.

"Take your shirt off now" He demanded.

I did so.. I was so scared, and I would do what I was told this time.. there was not getting out of it. He pointed the gun up at me, and my heart dropped. Then he pointed it at the ground.

"I still love watching you.. how scared you are of me... it makes me feel so superior"

"I think a lot of you Harry, but me being scared of you is one of the things I am not.. I think you are pathetic" I said.

He walked up to me, and I felt the panic set in. Before I could bring myself to do anything, he had hit me across the face with the gun. I could feel the pain almost instantly, and it knocked me to the ground. My face started swelling almost instantly.

"You don't have to be like this Harry" I said.

"You are right, I don't have to be like this... I love being like this" He said smirking.

I hated that smirk, I really wanted to slap it off of his face, but I knew what the consequence would be. "Now get up you slut" He said. He was getting more angry every time he had to speak to me.

I looked over the door debating on weither I should make a run for it or not, but he would come for me. He wouldn't let me go just like that.

"You are here to save that cheap hooker, and if you don't listen to me... then she is gone, and so are you" He said.

I wanted to call for Niall, but it would just let everyone know about mine, and his secret. They couldn't know about me, and Niall until the timing was right.. but who knew when that was coming.. I just knew that it was coming soon.


I couldn't get up, I was to scared of what he might do to me next. Then he kicked me in the stomach. It knocked the wind right out of me. I rapped my hands around my stomach almost instantly trying to protect my baby from any more blows. I screamed out in pain from the after shock.

I closed my eyes trying to not focus on the sharp pain that was killing me from the inside out.

I heard a bang, but it didn't sound like a gun shot. I looked across the floor, and the door was laying flat on the ground.

"What the hell did you do to her?" It wasn't who I thought it was, I was waiting to look and see Niall, but it was Louis.

Louis knew better than to try and hold Harry back, instead he just came straight for me. I felt both of his hands on my body, one on my shoulder, and the other on my stomach.

"What did he do to you Brooky?" Louis asked.

"He kicked me in the stomach" I managed to get out. I couldn't breath still my lungs felt like they were being collapsed, and the pain from my stomach was terrifying, I knew that something bad was wrong.

"Harry, I know you aren't the most decent guy, but for fuck sakes we have standards. Look at her, she is pregnant"  Louis snapped. And then I heard Niall.

"What's happening?" He asked as he stormed into the room.

"Brook you're bleeding" Niall continued.

I looked down, and he was right I was bleeding from my vaginal area.

"She needs to be taken to a hospital now" Louis said.

"Where the hell are we suppose to take her, her face is plastered up everywhere, and so are ours? They will catch us" Harry said. I could tell he didn't care at all.

"We could take her to a walk in, but we have to make her unrecognizable" Louis said.

"What do you mean?" I asked. I knew exactly what they meant, and I didn't like it one bit.

They were going to mess my face up really bad.

Stop was the last word that I heard before I was knocked out. I guess it was better for them to knock me out instead of making me sit there through all the blows.

When I woke up I wasn't in the hospital, I was on the couch in the living room. I still had no idea where the house was. It didn't hit me until that point. Maybe they didn't knock me out to save me from the pain, they knocked me out so I wouldn't know where we were.



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