Megan Styles.

Leanna Payne is Liam Payne's twin sister. Yeah from One Direction. But when Liam was on the x-Factor she meets Harry and the click and then soon start dating. But what happens when Harry and the rest of the lads leave for a very long tour and don't visit Leanna who is currently living in the US for school and she never tells Harry the news of his baby girl. Read to find out.


1. chapter 1.

"Come on Megan. Just eat your food I need to go out today babe," I begged my baby girl.

"No mummy!" She complained.

I sighed and put down the food rubbing my eyes. I hated the terrible twos stage.

"madi do you mind watching the baby while I go out. Were almost out of food and dippers."

"Sure I'll be right down," Madi was my room mate who did school with me.

I put on my shoes and jacket. Then I put on Dora and stuck a binky in her mouth and walked out.

"Here we go," I said getting into my old car.

I finished shopping and got home.

I couldn't wait to sit on the couch and relax.

I opened the door to hear Megan laughing. Weird.

I stepped in the room and almost had a freakin heart attack,



He ran over to me and hugged me tightly.

"Oh my god I had to come and see my sister how ya been. By the way your friends daughter is the cutest thing ever," Liam said picking her up.


"No but really are you okey?"

"Yeah LI but-"

"Oh is school okey?"


"Oh what's wrong is everything-"

"Liam Jesus yes. Everything's okey,"

"Then what's wrong?"

"That baby isn't Madi's,"

"Oh you baby sit then?"

"No. It's mine,"

Liam was silent for a bit. "Who's is it?"

"It's Harry's."

"What mine?"

I turned around and soon our eyes locked.


I nodded and got up and hugged him so tightly. I didn't want to let go again. I was scared he would leave again and I couldn't do that.

"But what's mine?" Harry asked.

"Harry," I said. "We need to talk,"


So there it is Leanna thanks for kiking me.

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