The Unforgiven Angel

An Angel of Christmas called Faith, has disobeyed God. Those who disobey God are not easily
forgiven. Jesus takes her down to earth, and dumps her there. While on earth she must help
seven random people to make their Christmas happy once more. But she has no idea who these people are that need her help. Even if she does find them, how can she help them all before Christmas day? She only has one week to obey God, otherwise she is thrown out of Heaven forever. She wil be stripped of her immortality, and lose her beautiful wings. She will be made to walk the earth as a human, till the day she dies.


6. The Trick

Faith is walking along in search of a person in need of her assistance, when she hears a faint meowing near by. She looks around until her gaze falls upon a tiny scraggly white kitten. It runs up to Faith for affection, but she just walks away saying "I'm sorry kitten but I have no time to help animals. I am here to help people so I can remain an angel forever". But the kitten does not take the hint, and continues to follow her, pleading for love and affection. Faith looks down at the poor helpless creature, and begins to feel sorry for it. She wants to help the little kitten, but she feels she hasn't got enough time to spare. Faith then begins thinking aloud. "Maybe the kitten is a test of my loyalty towards animals. Maybe the kitten is a trick and really it is 6 peolple I must help, with the acception of one cat. Or maybe the kitten is a bad trick to make me become side tracted and lose time".


Faith suddenly shouts with excitement causing the kitten to jump, and puff up sligtly with fear. "Or maybe God is making you follow me as a clue to the next person to help! Every person I have helped so far has come to me, or my heart has showed me the way. My heart right now is telling me to pick you up, as your my clue to the next person who needs my help". With that thought in her mind, Faith bent down, and scooped the scraggly white kitten into her arms. She stroked it as she walked along, listening to it's rumbling content purr all the way.

Soon Faith stopped near a pet shop. A little girl with long black hair and dazzling blue eyes comes out of the pet shop in tears, followed by her mother. The mother of the child said softly "I'm sorry they sold out of kittens before I could get there". The little girl whaled as she cried out "christmas is ruined without a kitten!" The little girl had her head in her hands, with tears going everywhere. An idea suddenly popped into Faith's mind. She walked up to the little girl, and handed her over the tiny white kitten.

The mother said with joy "oh thank you ever so much! How much do you want for the kitten?" Faith smiled and said "nothing, a gift is always free". The mother thanked Faith again as she said cheerfully "It's just a miracle you came along. I would of never heard the last of it otherwise". As the two people walked away, Faith heard the little girl talking to her new kitten. "I shall call you Katniss, and you will have pretty pink bows, fresh fish, warm milk, and a warm place to sleep in bed with me". Faith smiled proudly as she thought to herself "It really does feel good to help others".


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