The Unforgiven Angel

An Angel of Christmas called Faith, has disobeyed God. Those who disobey God are not easily
forgiven. Jesus takes her down to earth, and dumps her there. While on earth she must help
seven random people to make their Christmas happy once more. But she has no idea who these people are that need her help. Even if she does find them, how can she help them all before Christmas day? She only has one week to obey God, otherwise she is thrown out of Heaven forever. She wil be stripped of her immortality, and lose her beautiful wings. She will be made to walk the earth as a human, till the day she dies.


2. The Punishment

Faith overslept as she didn't get much sleep. She had to run to angel court, and arrived

really late. God crossly said under his breath "Faith really cannot change can she" The

angel conducting the whole thing said aloud for all to hear "now we are all here, we can

get things started. Faith will you come forward please". Faith shuddered nervously as she

walked down the aisle with other angels staring at her. She sat at the front for all to

see. Faith really hopped she wasn't blushing in front of everyone. The angel judge spoke

clearly, aiming all he says at Faith. "God has called this court together, to decide the

fate of young Faith here". Faith interupted saying "do I get any say in all this?" The

angel judge said sternly "you will get a chance to voice your opinion later on. But your

fate is down to everyone else". Faith gulped as her eyes scanned across all the angels in

the court room. She had crossed every single one of them.


The angel judge said "we are gathered here to decide if Faith deserves the punishment God

has chosen for her". Faith interupted once again in shock with "what is the punishment?!"

The angel judge yelled with rage. "Do be quiet! I try to see the opinion of the victims,

and of the accused, but you are just so rude! I beleive you do deserve that punishment! It

might straighten you out, and make you a better angel, or not! All those in favour of Faith

having the punishment". Everyone in the court room put their hands up. The angel judge then

said "all those not in favour". Nobody put their hands up. Faith pleaded God for

forgivness, but he told her it was for the best.


Faith said with a stutter "whu-what is the punishment?"


The angel judge said loud and clear "you are to be sent to earth".


Faith cried out "WHAT?"


"Let me finish".


"But I've never been outside of heaven before!"


"oh just let me finish what I'm trying to say, you have no choice in the matter".


"Is there anything else I can do? I will do anything to prevent going to earth!"


"You will go to earth, and down there you will have to help 7 people to make them happy for

christmas. You have till christmas day at the struck of midnight to help all 7 people".


"And if I don't? Faith asked with a shiver of fear.


"You will be stripped of your immortality, lose your angel wings, and be forced to walk the

earth as a human, until the day you die".


"You can't be serious!"


"oh I am serious. A judge is always serious".


That night Faith went home in fear of tommorow, for that was the day Jesus was taking her

down to Earth.


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