The Unforgiven Angel

An Angel of Christmas called Faith, has disobeyed God. Those who disobey God are not easily
forgiven. Jesus takes her down to earth, and dumps her there. While on earth she must help
seven random people to make their Christmas happy once more. But she has no idea who these people are that need her help. Even if she does find them, how can she help them all before Christmas day? She only has one week to obey God, otherwise she is thrown out of Heaven forever. She wil be stripped of her immortality, and lose her beautiful wings. She will be made to walk the earth as a human, till the day she dies.


4. The Missing Present

Faith woke up to a guy shaking her shoulders. He said sweetly "why are you asleep outside? A beautiful young lady like yourself all cold and alone". Faith said in a snivelly voice "I can't go home". The guy said softly "parents kicked you out to the streets did they?" Faith said quietly "you could say that". The guy said politely "well I can't just leave you out on the streets like this. Come stay at my house, I'm sure my wife won't mind". Faith jumped up and hugged him saying cheerfully "oh thank you good sir! What ever can I do to repay you?" The guy smiled and said "no need to repay me. It will be a pleasure to help. The names George by the way. What might I call you?" Faith said "my names Faith" as George pulled her to her feet. "That's a pretty name" George said with a friendly smile. With that George took Faith to his car parked at the side of the road.


George opened the door for her and politely said "get in". Faith backed away saying "you can't be serious!" George said with surprise "don't you like the car". Faith said with a shudder of fear "the car might not like me". George laughed and said "don't be silly. It's not going to eat you". Faith sighed with releif and said happily "that's all I wanted to hear. But won't walking be quicker than sitting inside a car?" George laughed again and said "you really are weird". Faith got in and as soon as George started the engine Faith scremed in terror. George turned the car off, and shouted to try and reassure her. "Calm yourself down! It's just the noise the car makes when it starts". Faith cried and said "so it really  isn't going to eat me right?" George said "of course not! Have you had a few drinks?" Faith said slightly offended "oh no, where I come from, everyone is pure, and clean". As the car started moving Faith said in shock "oh my gosh were moving!" George said sarcastically "how else would we get home". He stopped the car, and put her seat belt on saying softly you've never seen a car before have you?" Faith shook her head and said "no, not where I come from. We don't have cars there". George said in shock "bloody hell, how far from home are you anyway?" Faith said sadly "very far". George decided not to ask anymore questions about her home town, because Faith was tearing up again. Faith said sternly "by the way, please don't bring up hell. It's a very bad place". Geroge said with a serious look "I quite agree with you there".


As soon as all Faith's terrified outbursts had ended. For example when she freaked out at the fact that other cars seemed to be surrounding them, and chasing them. They both finally arrived at George's house. He opened the door for Faith as she sighed with relief to be out of the car, and on safe ground. She cuddled George during the walk through the darkness to his door. He unlocked the door, and light flooded out of the house. Faith ran inside and sad "thank goodness you have lights on, to scare away the dreaded darkness!" George said with surprise "your still scared of the dark at your age? That would explain why you were found cuddling a lamp post". Faith said nothing as she spotted a beautiful woman. The woman said "who's the young lady?" George said "her names Faith, she's going to stay a while. Her parents kicked her out of the house, and I found her asleep on the streets". The woman ran over to Faith saying "oh you poor thing! Come with me, I will run you a warm bath, get you some warm clothes, and prepare the guest room for you". George smiled at his wife's kindness and said "cheers Jemma". With that Jemma led Faith up the stairs to the bathroom.


Faith had a warm relaxing bath, her wings retracted into her back, so they disapeared. After having a long bath, she dressed warmly into some spare pyjamas. She was then sent to the guest room with a hot chocolate and a bowl of soup. Faith then went to bed feeling very warm and cozy, yet still very home sick. She woke up in the middle of the night to Jemma and George arguing downstairs. She slowly walked down the stairs to see what they were shouting about. She heard George yell "how could you lose our sons main christmas present!" Faith heard Jemma reply in tears. "It's not my fault I hid it too well! You know Timmy always finds his presents if you don't hide them well enough!" Faith suddenly thought 'Jemma is the first person I must help'. Faith burst in on their argument and said cheerfully "Jemma, I will help you find young Timmy's present". Jemma cried out "oh thank you. Thank you ever so much!"

Faith thought carefully where the present could be. She spoke commandingly "our best bet is to split up, and then we cover a bigger area of the house". Faith then said thoughtfully "well hidden would mean in places such as behind cupboards, in dark gaps, and anywhere a child would not dare go look". Jemma said cleverly "I know Timmy is terrified of the attic, and the cellar". Faith said aloud "ok then, Jemma, you search the whole attic, and George, you need to search the cellar". George and Jemma rushed off to look for the present, and Faith began searching the rest of the house. She thoght aloud "okay so a kid would not expect his own present to be hidden in his room". She sneakily creapt into the child's room and searched behind the cupboard, and under the sleeping child's bed.

Faith sighed with disapointment as she thought in her head 'maybe the child is not aloud in the spare room'. She checked under the bed she had slept in, looking between all the gaps on the two bookshelves. She groaned with frustration as she tried desperatly to think of another place a present could be hidden. She laughed at her next christmassy thought. 'Well maybe Santa accidently got it lodged in the chimney'. She went down to the lounge and bent down to look up the chimney. She saw a colourful little present, stashed in one corner of the chimney. She reached for it, getting covered in soot.


She cried out with joy "found it!" Both parents shouted cheerfully "really?!" Jemma came rushing down the stairs, and took the present off of Faith. "Thank you ever so much! Your like my little christmas miracle!" George said "where on earth did my wife hide it?" Faith laughed and said "up the chimney". Jemma began wiping the soot off of the tiny present. George laughed and said to his wife "you silly woman! What if I put the fire on?!" Faith laughed and told the two she had to go. She knew she only had 6 more days to help another 6 people. George and Jemma were a little sad to see their new friend go.


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