The Unforgiven Angel

An Angel of Christmas called Faith, has disobeyed God. Those who disobey God are not easily
forgiven. Jesus takes her down to earth, and dumps her there. While on earth she must help
seven random people to make their Christmas happy once more. But she has no idea who these people are that need her help. Even if she does find them, how can she help them all before Christmas day? She only has one week to obey God, otherwise she is thrown out of Heaven forever. She wil be stripped of her immortality, and lose her beautiful wings. She will be made to walk the earth as a human, till the day she dies.


11. The Decision

Faith and Nathan were sat on the sofa waiting for midnight to strike so they could both

wish each other a merry christmas. Faith said with a smile "this will be my first ever

christmas I can spend with the one I love". Nathan replied romantically "and it will be my

first christmas spent with an angel. An angel I would die without. And an angel I hope I

will always love, and have all my life". As soon as Nathan had finished his speech Faith

remembered the week to help all 7 people. Nathan went to say "merry-" but was interupted by

 a bright gleam of light. Nathan said slowly "christmas?"


Faith got up and pleaded to the white light saying aloud "God please don't make me go

towards the light!" God replied in a bellowing voice "why ever not?" Faith cried out "I've

decided I want to stay!" God said with surprise in his voice "but you helped 7 people in

the week. I have to keep my word by letting you remain an immortal angel and return you

back to heaven". Nathan came forward and said slightly hurt "so you helped me as the 7th,

just to go home?" Faith said reassuringly "no by the time I had helped the first I did the

rest because I wanted to help. I forgot all about the whole 7 thing within the panic of

thinking you were going to kill yourself". Nathan said "really?" Faith smiled and said

softly "angels word of honour".


God said "well it would be un-godly to break my word, so I have no choice but to take you

back. Unless you can find a loop hole in the situation". Faith thought for a moment and

then shouted "remember what you said just now Nathan!?" Nathan nodded and said "that I

can't live without you?" Faith nodded and then turned back to God. "You see God, if I leave

Nathan will go ahead and kill himself, meaning that I only managed to help 6 people".

Nathan shouted "exactly!" Faith then continued with "I had to help 7 people, and in order

to do that I must stay here and love Nathan". Nathan shouted "and marry me!" He then got

down on one knee and proposed to Faith, presenting her with a ring. Faith acceptrd his

marriage proposal, and put on the ring. She then turned to God and begged him to let her

stay. God said proudly "I knew this punishment was all you needed, but you remain immortal,

till death do you two part and then, you can return back to heaven". Faith shouted slightly shocked

"but I want to die when he dies! I want to grow old with him!"


God smiled and said "I can do you one better". God struck down Nathan with a blue thunder

bolt. Faith screamed in shock shouting "why would you do that?!" God grinned and said

mysteriously "so I can do this". God then sparked Nathan back to his feet and he grew

feathary wings out of his back. Nathan had become an angel like Faith. God said proudly

"you see Faith, you have past the biggest test of all. You would have given your

immortality to die one day with the man you love. I am very proud of you". God paused

before saying softly "I will leave you to your immortal life with your husband to be. He

should wake up in a few minutes. Have a very merry christmas. Feel free to visit everyone

in heaven sometime!" With that God, and the bright light surrounding him vanished into



Faith and Nathan lived their immortal lives together, forever. Nathan got famous with his

songs, and Faith had a voice like an angel... Well that's probably because she is an angel.

They got a large house, had seven children who were all also immortal. The two lovers

couldn't have been happier.


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