The Unforgiven Angel

An Angel of Christmas called Faith, has disobeyed God. Those who disobey God are not easily
forgiven. Jesus takes her down to earth, and dumps her there. While on earth she must help
seven random people to make their Christmas happy once more. But she has no idea who these people are that need her help. Even if she does find them, how can she help them all before Christmas day? She only has one week to obey God, otherwise she is thrown out of Heaven forever. She wil be stripped of her immortality, and lose her beautiful wings. She will be made to walk the earth as a human, till the day she dies.


10. Giving Up

Faith hears a lot of commotion coming from outside a tall building. She was shocked to see

a man threatening to jump. She knew she had to help him. He was the last person she needed

to help in order to be able to go home. She flew up to the roof of the tall building,

without being seen. She then shouted out to the man "don't do this!" The man jumped in

shock and said "where on earth did you come from?!" Faith said quickly "why do you want to

kill yourself?!" The handsome young man with short brown hair and blue eyes said sadly "my

wife to be left me. I lost all my friends because of a rumour that wasn't true, and if

that's not bad enough I lost my job! That was the only thing I had left!" Faith said

caringly "things get better, you just got to beleive it, and make an effort!"


The man said sadly "what's the point" and was about to jump when Faith cried out "I've lost

everything to! My home, friends, and family! They all hate me right now so I am trying to

make things right rather than kill myself!" The man said crossly "my life will never get

better! Nobody cares about me anymore, it's not worth fighting for!" Faith didn't know what

to say in order to stop him so she shouted out "I care!" The man shouted "you don't even

know me! Why should you care?!" Faith said softly "I just do, please let me help you". The

man looked into Faith's pretty face and stepped away from the edge of the building saying

"ok, I will give you a chance to help me". Faith took his hand and led him off of the

building roof, They snuck out the back so news reporter would not lecture him.

"So who are you anyway?" The man asked with interest. "I'm Faith, how about you?" The man

replied with "the names Nathan". Faith said with releif "I'm glad your giving me a chance

to help you get your life back in order". Nathan said with a weird look "I still don't

understand why on earth you want to help me so bad. You don't even know me". Faith just

simply said "your names a start". Nathan laughed and said "true". Faith got some money out

of her pocket and said "how about we go get some lunch". Nathan smiled and said "that's a

great idea, I know a good cheap resturant".


While they ate lunch together Faith asked Nathan why his wife to be left him. Nathan told

her it was because she cheated on him on their wedding night, and he said he could never

forgive her. Faith said sadly "I'm so sorry to hear that. A wedding is meant to be a sacrid

bond. How could someone cheat on someone so nice as you?" Nathan smiled and said "I bet

your not single". Faith sad maturly "I am actually. What makes you think I'm not". Nathan

said romantically "because a beautiful girl like you always has a guy". Faith blushed and

said "well your wrong".


"So why have you lost all your friends?" Faith asked. Nathan sighed and said "one guy who

hates me has rumoured around that I am a pervert, and all my friends have children, so

that's why". Faith said in shock "oh my thats just an awful thing to say about someone!"

Nathan said sadly "I know, but my friends beleive him over me and have got rid of me to

protect their children". Faith changed the subject as she could see the lie was hurting

him. "So why did you lose your job?" Nathan began to cry saying "one of my friends who works

with me passed the rumour to my boss, and they couldn't trust me anymore". Faith put her

head down and said "I'm sorry to hear that. What job did you have?" Nathan said "I worked

at a childrens hospital. Helping those poor terminally ill children was all I ever really

cared about".

Faith said sweetly "I also like to help people, as you probably know by now as I am trying

to help you". Nathan said with tears in his eyes "But all I truly wanted to do was sell my

christmas song and make money in the music business to raise money for all the dying

children starving around the world". Faith said with interest "wait, you wrote a christmas

song?" Nathan nodded and got his mp4 out and a pair of headphones. "Listen if you like"

Nathan said as he gave the headphones to Faith. Faith began to listen to it, and was

enchanted till the very end. She took the headphones out of her ears with her mouth hanging

open. Nathan said with his head on the table saying "I know it's terrible!"  Faith said

excitedly "no! It's amazing! You need to give this to a record company!" Nathan said

crossly "don't mess me about, I'm not in the mood to be mocked! Look I know it sucks so

drop it!"


Nathan invited Faith back to his house to stay the night. First thing in the morning Faith

took the music to a record company. They said it was amazing and were willing to pay to get

the song released on the radio. Faith signed the papers and left with a sneaky smile on her

face. She only had two days until christmas day as Christmas Eve was tommorow. On the

afternoon of Christmas Eve Faith asked Nathan if she could turn the radio on. Nathan said

she could, so she giggled under her breath as she tuned a channel in.


Nathan's bottom jaw dropped as he heard the begining tune of his song playing. Nathan said

in shock "this sounds just like my song". Faith smiled and said "I think you will find it

is your song". Nathan shouted "someone must of heard my song in the resturant and stolen my

idea!" Faith reasurred him saying "no, no one stole your idea. I took it to a record

company". Nathan said with surprise "you did what?!" Faith said with a smile "I wanted to

make you happy, and prove your song was good". Nathan said with a wide smile across his

face "what did they say?" Faih cried out with excitement "they apsolutly loved it! They

said they want you to write more so they can release an album! Your a talented singer!"


Nathan rushed over to Faith, picking her up, and swinging her around in his arms with joy.

He hugged her, and as they looked deeply into one anothers eyes, they kissed. Faith blushed

and said in a quiet whisper "I've never fallen in love before". Nathan said softly "well I

have, but this feels more right". Faith rubbed her arm and said awkwardly "there's

something you should know about me". Nathan looked a little worried as he said quickly "oh

please tell me you don't already have a boyfriend!" Faith waved her hands in front of her

face and said "oh no, no, no! I just told you I've never loved before, that means I have

never even had a boyfriend, never hugged, never held hands, or kissed". Nathan sighed with

slight releif and then said "well what is it then?"


Faith took a deep breath before saying "I'm an angel". Nathan said with a smile "I know

that, you saved my life, and gave me a reason to live again". Faith said seriously "no I

mean I am actually an angel. You know, from heaven". Nathan laughed and said "very funny

Faith!" Faith said with frustration "I'm being serious!" Nathan shouted crossly "pack it

in!" Faith couldn't take it anymore so she stretched out her wings and shouted "believe me

now?!" Nathan let out a short shocked scream, and then said "am I dreaming!?" Faith said

reasurringly "no, feel my wings, their really there. Not an illusion, and actually coming

out of my back". Faith stripped all her top half off leaving only a bra on. Nathan couldn't

help but stare at her boobs. Faith said crossly as she turned around "I said feel my wings,

not oggle at my breasts!" Nathan said "sorry, sorry!" He then went and felt her wings,

seeing that they went into her back, and were as soft as silk.

Nathan said with amazement saying "this is so cool!" Faith sucked her wings back into her

skin out of sight making Nathan gasp. "Your not going to reject me because I'm different?"

Nathan laughed and said cheerfully "of course not. I'm dating an angel! An angel is my

girlfriend! Woo hoo!" Faith said with a tear forming in her eye "are you sure your not

going to get rid of me?" Nathan hugged her saying softly "look you saved my life, you gave

me a reason to live. I love you. I'm not going to dump you just because your different".

Faith hugged him tightly yelling aloud with tears of joy "I never want to let you go!"

Nathan laughed and said cheekily "you might have to soon, one of us may need to go pee".

Faith laughed hysterically at his joke. She was so madly in love, she forgot all about the

fact that she had helped all 7 people in a week, and was able to go home back to heaven

christmas day.


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