The Unforgiven Angel

An Angel of Christmas called Faith, has disobeyed God. Those who disobey God are not easily
forgiven. Jesus takes her down to earth, and dumps her there. While on earth she must help
seven random people to make their Christmas happy once more. But she has no idea who these people are that need her help. Even if she does find them, how can she help them all before Christmas day? She only has one week to obey God, otherwise she is thrown out of Heaven forever. She wil be stripped of her immortality, and lose her beautiful wings. She will be made to walk the earth as a human, till the day she dies.


5. Adoption

Faith followed her heart. She kept walking on and on until she came to the doors of an orphanage. Her heart told her she had to go inside. She nervously knocked on the doors early in the morning. A very sleepy looking old lady answered the door. "Ah, you must be the new member of staff I requested in the paper last week". Faith just nodded, and the lady let her into the orphanage. She was led upstairs as the friendly old lady said softly "thank goodness volunteers have come at last, it has became a little crowded. Not many people adopt around the christmas holidays". Faith asked "so what do I do?" The old lady said commandingly "well, I am assigning you to a complicted child. She has been here a while, because she hides whenever people come to see her".


Before the old lady could say anything more a little girl bumped into her. "I'm so sorry Ms Chillstone". The old lady smiled and said sweetly "no worries my child. This here is-" The old lady paused and pointed at Faith. "My name's Faith". The old lady continued. "This here is Faith. She will be looking after you here, and trying her best to get you adopted". The cute little girl with curly long blonde hair and sparkly green eyes looked up at Faith with a cute smile and said "you seem nice. I like you". The old lady said sternly "don't get any ideas child". The old lady then sent Faith to the little girls room so they could get to know one another.


Faith started off the conversation as the little girl seemed a little nervous. "Well as you know my name is Faith, and I will be looking after you until you get adopted". The little girl said sweetly "Your very pretty". Faith smiled and said softly "thank you, and your a beautiful girl. People must be desperate to have a daughter like you". The little girl said with a smile "oh yes they are. Lots of people have wanted me". Faith looked a little puzzled as she replied with "then why are you still at the orphanage". The little girl said quietly "I'm very shy around new people, and hide whenever people come to see me". Faith said with a friendly smile "don't worry, I used to be afraid to. Meeting new people is hard, and I worry because people may not like me for me. I find the best thing to do is be yorself. You are doing well so far though". The little girl asked with a confused look on her face "what do you mean?" Faith smiled and said cheerfully "I'm new, and your already talking confidently with me". The little girl laughed, and began clapping with joy.


Faith suddenly gasped and said quickly "oh I almost forgot to ask you your name". The little girl said with a big smile "I'm Angel". Faith said by mistake "that's so cool, I'm an angel". Angel laughed as Faith put her hands over her mouth in shock. Angel said with a giggle "I already know your an angel". Faith said with surprise "how did you know?" Angel kept laughing as she said "your wings are out". Faith looked around to try and see her back in terror. Angel reassured her by saying quietly "I know your an angel because I prayed to God for a guardian angel to get me out of here for christmas". Angel paused for a moment before continueing. "You are my guardian angel, right?" Faith smiled sweetly, and put her hand on Angel's shoulder saying softly "of course I am. I have came here to help you conquer your fear, and get adopted". Angel jumped up and down cheerfully.


After a heart to heart chat about how to be brave, and just to be herself, Angel went out to the first people that came, and found herself running away again. This happened for the next two families as well. Just before the forth family arrived to see Angel, Faith pretended to put a spell of courage and bravery on Angel, using a little sprinkle of Angel wing dust to make an effect on the imaginative mind of a seven year old. Angel went out there with a cute smile, and did as Faith said, by being herself. The husband and wife who can't have children were blown away by how cute and eager she was. They immediatly signed the papers and had a house inspection. That afternoon Angel hugged Faith, thanking her for all she had done, and Angel left holding hands with her new parents, with nothing but a tiny 'my little pony' backpack on her back. The old lady thanked Faith as she was leaving the orphanage. Faith liked being hugged and thanked. Being good to people seemed far more rewarding than upsetting others. Even if doing good did take some effort. As night fall fell she realized she only had 5 more days to help five more people.


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