Against the rules

Crystal is sent to be the boys protector. She's in disguise as a human to go through day to day with them. But they don't know about her being an angel/demon.


4. Day Two

'Get up.' Burgende hissed as she crawled on me."Why?" I groaned and turned over. This cat is bossy as hell when I'm on missions. 'Louis has company at his house. Gotta check on him.' Oh shocker; Friends. Scary. I sighed and put on some skinny jeans and a short belly leather jacket and black converses. 'You look good.' She purred. I smiled and made my way out of the door with Burgende at my heels. Our lawns were blocked by bushes that circled my house. 'Faster! I feel trouble.' She hissed. I jogged and knocked on his fancy front door. "C-coming!" He hesitated. Something is up. I looked over his shoulder as he opened the front door. "What's up?" He asked as he looked me up and down. "Well you came to my house. I think it's fair for me to come to yours." I smiled with a wink. "Nows not the time." He glanced over his shoulder. "Why? Is something wrong?" I stepped closer, and put my hand on his chest. "No... I mean.... I don't know. Maybe." The look in his eyes screamed for me to help him. "Let's go for a walk?" I nodded my head to the street behind me. "I can't. There's people in here." He leaned in and whispered a little. "Well, I guess it's time for me to say hi?" I giggled and slid past him and into his house. I walked into the livingroom and past a music room and found seven tall men in his kitchen. "Hello." I smiled and thrusted my hand out to them. "Who are you, pretty little miss?" The man on the far right stepped closer. "I'm Louis's girlfriend, Crystal." I winked and fixed my hair. "You?! Ha! Louis is gay! Didn't you know that? I wouldn't be surprised if he was cheating on you with a guy!" The man leaning on the counter started laughing. Well shit. Now I see why their here. To beat the shit out of Louis for his sexuality. "Oh fuck you." I snapped. "Yes I will." The man leaning on the refrigerator started reaching out to me. I grabbed his wrist pulling him closer. I snapped his wrist backwards and flipped him over. "So this is when you cry for your mommy." I giggled into his ear. The man leaning on the counter charged at me but I flipped him and shoved my elbow into his face. "Awe the poor baby is bleeding. Let me fix that." I winked and sprayed water at him. "Anyone else?" I turned to the other men. They shook their head no, grabbed their buddy's, and ran out. Louis walked into the kitchen shocked. "How'd you get them to leave?" He started drying the floor. "Nevermind that, Louis are you gay?" I didn't hesitate. He stopped what he was doing and stared at the floor. "No. They told you that I am huh?" He ran his fingers through his hair. "Yeah they did. But they won't be bothering you anymore... I hope." I smiled. "Well I've gotta get going." I began walking out the door. "Oh, and nice place." I winked and shut the door behind me.

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