Against the rules

Crystal is sent to be the boys protector. She's in disguise as a human to go through day to day with them. But they don't know about her being an angel/demon.


5. Day three

I walked out of the house as Louis ran out of his. "Guess what?!" He yelled as he jumped over a bush. "What?" I bursted out laughing as he fell on his ass. "Their coming!! X-Factor is coming!" He pulled me into a tight hug. Well this is going as planned. "Wanna go shopping for a new outfit?" I suggested. He agreed and we climbed into my truck.

We arrived at the mall only twenty minutes later. I just need to watch out for fuck tards who are trying to kill this man. "Holister?" He asked as he pointed it out. "Sure." I smiled. It took no time for him to find the right outfit. He looked adorable.

I spent around $150 dollars on him. He better make the auditions.

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